Mulch Machine


Mulch has a variety of functions which all are beneficial for your garden. When it is placed on an area of your garden it:

  • Preserves moisture in the soil
  • Discourages the growth of weeds
  • Keeps the soil cool
  • Increases richness of the soil as it decomposes and makes the garden look attractive
mulch image

We always recommend its use in gardens, lawns or big estates and farms.

Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery gives the mulch formed from work done in your garden to you for free for your use. We will even advise you on the best ways of applying it to get the maximum benefit. We also sell to those who wish to purchase it. However, as we do not have a place to store the mulch you may need to be a little patient for it to become available to you. We will deliver loads of mulch around the Melbourne metropolitan area

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