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Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery Pty Ltd(DTC) Terms and Conditions

By accepting this quote the client enters into a contract with Daryl's Tree Care and Surgery Pty Ltd and agrees to the terms and conditions as set out below.


To enhance each species natural growth form including thinning,removal of deadwood, dangerous limbs or limbs for clearance Australian Standards will be followed.


These techniques are all carried out with due attention paid to the trees shape and form.


Removal of complete tree as near as possible to ground level using a chainsaw. This is determined by existing conditions at or near the base of the trunk i.e. sod, rocks, fences, buildings, etc. and usually means leaving a stump of between 2-6 cm high.


Unless otherwise specified, wood will be cut into 300-400mm (12”16”)lengths and not split. It will be left at the base of the tree or on the nature strip in a neat and tidy condition (whichever is nearer) at DTC’s discretion.


Notice of cancellation of scheduled work, preferably in writing, must be received by DTC Pty Ltd at least 24 hours before scheduled time of arrival. failing this, a minimum travel charge of $120.00 will be billed to the customer.


DTC Pty Ltd require payment for services upon completion of works or within 7 days of invoke date. We do not offer credit card facilities. An administrative charge of 10% of the total amount outstanding will be added to overdue accounts after 7 days and an additional 10% will be charged for each additional month the account remains overdue,together with any recovery costs such as debt collection agency and legal tees Incurred by DTC Pty Ltd. on a full Indemnity basis.


Where the client requests additional works to be completed prior to completion of quoted works, this may be undertaken at the discretion of the DTC Pty Ltd crew leader. Such works will be charged either on the basis of a fresh quote, or failing this, on a day rate basis, and this charge will be added to the Invoice.


The client acknowledges that the tree work and associated activities can have an impact on surroundings; such as wear of grassed areas, arid minor plant disturbance. DTC Pty Ltd will work in a conscientious and careful manner to avoid any damage to property and to minimize impact on surroundings. DTC Pty Ltd will accept responsibility for, and make good, any significant or material damage caused to property. In the event that a tree is removed in error, the client agrees the DTC Pty Ltd’s responsibility will be fully met by the provision of a tree of similar but not necesarily identical type, up to a height not exceeding approximately 1.5m.


The client guarantees that the trees quoted on are either their own or that they have received written permission from the owner is the proposed works, the client accepts full responsibility for the payment of works.


The client will allow full access to the site. The site is to remain free of other contractors, objects and people to allow the works to be carried out safely. The quote is as per site conditions on the day of the quote.Changes to site conditions may result in extra fees and charges at the time of invoicing.


Stumps will be reduced to chips by the use of mechanical grinding of the visible tree stumps to below ground level — subject to existing conditions at or near stump i.e. soil, rocks fences and underground services. The stump hole will be back filled with stump chips and excess chips will be left on-site. Underground and surface roots will not be chased out unless specifically included as a line item in the quote.

Prices are quoted on the basis that the property owner will prepare the site surrounding the stump for removal, Where DTC Pty Ltd undertake any work to prepare the site for stump removal, e.g. removal of rocks,rubble, fences etc, or where the stump is in a built in or raised area, additional charges will be apply.

All care will be taken, however we do not take responsibility for damage caused to the surrounding area including underground services unless located and notified by client in writing. The client agrees to indemnify DTC Pty Ltd against any claim made, including by a third party, for any such damage or disruption.

Stumps will not be removed on the same day as tree works. They will be removed within 10 business days of works completed.


Branches, leaves and twigs that were generated by our quoted works will be removed and the site left in a clean and tidy condition.


Jobs performed on a time basis will be billed for materials used and time on the job, travel time to and from the job. Please note extra work completed whilst on site that has not been quoted will be charged as per our hourly rate. Lunch breaks will not be charged.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing the client accepts responsibility to ensure that all necessary council and/or other permits are obtained for the proposed tree works.Permits must be sighted by DTC Pty Ltd. before commencement of works. For an additional fee, DTC Pty Ltd can prepare, lodge and manage your council permit application including arborist reports. In order to ensure that the permit application is complete and accurate, it remains the property owner’s responsibility to advise DTC Pty Ltd whether any trees are protected by endorsed building plans or on the property title,

DTC carries current $20million Public Liability and employees are covered under statutory Work Cover and Superannuation benefits. Please notify us if you require a Currency Certificate.

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