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Tree Lopping Melbourne

As Melbourne’s leading tree lopping and cutting provider, here at Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery we are committed to providing sustainable tree care solutions. As professional arborists our team is equipped with the technical knowledge to maintain the health and longevity of your trees. We offer an extensive range of tree care services including tree lopping, tree and stump removal, pruning, transplanting and replanting and pest control.

We are Australian tree experts and understand the differences between each and every tree species that exists in Melbourne. All our services are completed with the integrity and safety of trees, the ecosystem and the people who live amongst them at the forefront of our minds.

Tree lopping is a complex and often dangerous process that should only be performed by a certified arborist. After completing our hazardous tree assessment, we are able to determine whether tree removal is necessary. Tree removal is often a part of landscape management and may be needed if a tree’s structural integrity has been compromised by decay or storm damage.

We use specialised equipment to safely remove the tree and stump, ensuring the surroundings and property remain undisturbed. Here at Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery we have specially designed machines that can convert the tree stump into mulch so that you can replant, re-turf or build over the tree’s original site. Our replanting services can also be used to reinvigorate the landscape.

Professional tree care is an investment for your property. A decaying tree poses a serious safety hazard and may be detrimental to the overall value of your property. Alternatively, a cared for, thriving tree is often the pinnacle of a garden, making it an asset to the landscape.

We are based in Melbourne and service both metropolitan and regional Victoria. For a thorough risk assessment and hazard evaluation, look no further than Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery. We have a proactive approach to tree care and will identify any defects that may pose a safety risk. For the most experienced arborists in the business, contact us today.


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