Tree & Stump Removal

The Best Tree and Stump Removal Services in the Melbourne Regional Area

Tree removal is a necessary part of landscape management. Selective removal of trees from crowded landscapes provides more space for the remaining trees to grow and prosper.

To ensure a healthy and enjoyable landscaped yard, it is recommended owners conduct regular professional tree and stump removal. In fact, dead, dying and defective trees must be removed to protect people and property. Removing these trees provides an opportunity to replant the site with young, vigorous trees that can make a positive contribution to the landscape.

Tree removal is also sometimes necessary when decay, structural decline or significant storm damage makes a tree dangerous. A professional removal service can also conduct a proactive Risk Assessment to help you identify potential hazards. It is also a good idea to contact your Arborist after a storm if you are unsure about the structural stability of a particular tree. Tree removal services are also vitally important in Melbourne leading up to winter, reducing the chance of falling trees.

Our company has over 27 years of experience and is fully insured with qualified arborists to carry out professional tree and stump removal. No job is too small or too big. This is all in a day’s work for Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery.

Stump Grinding

For us, stump removal is an integral part of tree removal. Stumps left behind will decay and may become a breeding ground for fungus and termites as well as being an eye-sore. We have machines that convert the stump into mulch so that you can replant, re-turf or build over the very site that the tree has been removed from. Stump grinding transforms a stump into mulch which can be used to fill the empty space left by the tree. We have a number of different sized machines large enough to remove stumps from open spaces and small enough to fit through your front door or side gate.

Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding involves mechanically grinding down the remainder of the stump. The advantage of stump grinding is that the level at which the stump is ground down is adjustable. This means that it can be ground down to only 2 inches underground or up to 12. It’s also an efficient solution that is fast, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Stump removal refers to a more intricate process of stump extraction that pulls the stump and the roots from the ground. Stump removal may be necessary if the tree’s roots have become infected or a dangerous hazard to the landscape. It also safeguards against the possibility of regrowth. As this method usually requires the use of heavy force and high powered equipment, it is more extensive and expensive

5 signs that it’s time for a tree removal

Removing an unhealthy tree from your yard and could save you thousands in repair costs for damaged property. Not sure about the right time to call a tree and stump removal service? There are many warning signs you can look out for. If your tree is showing any of the following symptoms then we highly recommend you get a tree care expert to examine your tree at home.

  • Root damage
  • Deep cracks in the trunk
  • Unhealthy or damaged tree
  • New branches growing at the base
  • Too close to man-made structures

Frequently Asked Questions: Tree And Stump Removal

How Do I Know If My Tree Needs To Be Removed?

Tree removal is often a necessary part of landscape management. Defective, diseased or dying trees can pose a serious safety hazard. Although these symptoms may not be visible to the naked eye, Daryl’s Tree Care can complete a Hazard Risk Assessment to determine the health of your tree. Severe weather events such as storms and lightning strikes can also compromise the structure of trees. It is advisable to call us for a comprehensive Risk Assessment.

What’s The Difference Between Stump Removal And Grinding?

Stump grinding involves mechanically grinding down the remainder of the stump. This means that the level to which the stump is grinded is adjustable. Stump removal refers to a more intricate process of extraction that removes the whole stump and its roots from the ground. This safeguards against the possibility of regrowth and may be necessary if the tree’s roots are decaying or diseased.

What Machinery Is Used For Stump Grinding?

We use a Stump Grinder to efficiently grind the tree stump down. The high-powered machine is mobile and is able to reach even the most remote areas of your property. We have both large and small machines. The small machine is compact enough to fit through your back gate without any disturbance.

Can I Replant After Removing A Tree?

Yes! We can convert your tree stump into mulch so you can replant, re-turf or build over the original site. Removing a tree actually provides a fantastic opportunity to replant the site with young, vigorous trees that can have a positive impact on the landscape.

Do I Need A Permit?

In some cases, yes. We can assist in preparing the application and supporting documentation.

Can I Use The Mulch From Tree Grinding?

Absolutely! Unless the original stump was diseased or infected, the stump mulch can be used to mulch your garden.

Why Should I Remove My Tree Stump?

After your tree has fallen or you have cut it down it is important that you hire a tree care professional to remove your tree stump. It is important to remove your stump for several safety and civil reasons which include;

  • Invasive species habitation: Insects, rodents, and reptiles find tree stumps to be the perfect hideout within your garden and while they may appear to be living there innocently some species will destroy other vegetation in your garden or even infest your house.
  • Safety hazard: Depending on where your stump is it can be a serious safety issue. If it is placed within open space people may trip over it or a lawnmower may attempt to mow over it and effectively ruin the lawnmower. On the other hand, if it is based within the vegetation it can be a serious safety issue that may cause injury for professional tree carers and young children playing in the garden if they are unaware of the stump.
  • Root damage to your property: While the tree may be gone ridding you of majority of the eyesore, tree stump removal is incredibly important because underground roots will continue to grow (as they still believe they are attached to a tree) and essentially damage other areas of your property.
  • Space: Tree stumps take up precious space in your garden that you could probably use for other gardening purposes. Thus, you should hire professional tree stump removalists to free up the space in your garden.
  • Valuation: It is no uncommon opinion that tree stumps are an eyesore, so if you are thinking about selling your property it is best to get rid of the tree stump unless you want to face having a significantly lower valuation. Unlike other tree services, tree stump removal is surprisingly cost-effective and will pay for itself when it comes to selling the property.
How will professionally grinding my tree stump affect my garden?

Stump grinding solutions that are procured by Daryl’s Tree Care will never have a negative impact on your garden. Stump grinding services are design to not harm nearby vegetation by focusing directly on the stump and using technology that does not interfere with other plants within the garden or landscape. Tree grinding services utilises machinery that effectively grind the tree stump into wood chips and overall reduces the need for exhaustive or laborious efforts.  Additionally, the wood chips that are produced can act as mulch for your garden to stimulate the remain vegetations’ growth and create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

What risks do I need to consider before removing the tree stump?

While there are not many risks to consider when removing tree trunks or tree stumps there are a few that you need to consider when you hire Daryl’s Tree Care. Standard stump removal and tree grinding will only remove the tree stump that is above the ground and detached it from the underground roots. This means that there will be roots present in your garden that will naturally decay over time but that you will need to be aware of if you plan on doing extensive landscaping. Additionally, tree grinding services will leave you with a pile of woodchips which are great for the environment, however, if you do not wish to use them as mulch in your garden you will need to find an effective way to dispose of them as usually, they will not all fit in your green bin.

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