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Tree Trimming and Tree Stump Removal in Melbourne

Posted on: March 31,2016

There is a general mistaken belief that tree trimming in Melbourne is a DIY job, primarily aimed at giving desired shape to a tree. While this is partly true, there are many other aspects to it, including trimming branches that have outgrown the area they were meant to be confined in. For example, limbs that have grown over your neighbour’s propertyshould be pruned back. Trees in public or private places that grow up to touch utility wires above need to have their crowns and height reduced to reduce the risk of fire. And of course there is trimming that is done to bring a large number of trees in a garden, estate or park to a uniform shape to improve the aesthetics of the landscape.

tree stump removal

Tree trimming in Melbourne is a task best left in the hands of professional arborists such as Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery. Pruning more than 30% of the tree’s existing canopy contravenes Australian Standards and will result in structural deficiencies in the tree as it is weakened by a drastic reduction in energy due to the removal of large amounts of foliage.If you care for your trees and they require pruning, call on Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, the experts for tree trimming services in Melbourne.

Another tree care activity that should be left entrusted to experts only is tree stump removal in Melbourne. Amateurs often remove trees but leave behind the stump which then becomes a breeding ground for termites and other deadly microorganisms, soon turning into a health hazard. It also occupies an area that can be better utilised for putting in fresh plants or a colourful flower bed. Stumps with deep running roots are also difficult to remove. However, reputable tree care companies have trained arborists who use specialised equipment to quickly grind the stump to mulch. These machines come in varying power ratings and sizes to tackle big and small stumps equally effectively.

If you are looking for a reputable tree care company offering tree trimming and tree stump removal in Melbourne, Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery should be your first choice. Our team of trained and qualified arborists have the professional expertise in every form of tree care activity. We have specialised equipment that enables us to complete the toughest tasks quickly and safely. Daryl, our Managing Director is highly qualified and has more than two decades experience in this field. He has anAdvanced Certificate in Arboriculture, a Certificate of Tree Surgery and is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

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