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Cable Bracing

Cable Bracing

Tree cable and bracing is used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage from winds, storms, or even the weight of their own foliage. The installation of cabling and bracing, along with pruning to reduce branch weight, can reduce the likelihood of structural failure. Properly installed cables help to redistribute the load of the canopy, allowing limbs to support each other and reduce structural stress.
Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgeryutilises the Yale Brace CableSupport system which employs a specially developed flat braid rope along with built in shock absorbers to provide a much less rigid, dynamic tree brace. This unique design works to reduce stress on the trunk, allowing branches to flex and bend during severe weather instead of snapping and breaking against the brace.  By allowing the tree to sway naturally it helps the tree to build new tissue and strengthen from within. Installing this type of brace is entirely non-invasive compared to drilling steel pylons and tunneling cables through the trunk of your tree. The later method tends to cause more damage than it prevents. On the other hand, the Yale Brace Cable Support system allows the tree to accept the cabling instead of fighting against it. It attaches to the tree with a unique splice that self-adjusts in girth as the diameter of the stem increases with growth. It effectively mimics the natural growth and movement of the tree.
As the equipment used for cabling and bracing is subject to the elements, a regular visual inspection by a qualified arborist is recommended since the normal movement of branches can cause the cables and hardware to wear, thereby reducing its load carrying capabilities.

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