Possum Control

Possum Control

Possum Control

The increasing population of possums have adversely impacted Melbourne’s parks and residential gardens. In fact, there is a greater density of brushtail and ringtail possums in metropolitan Melbourne than there is in the wild. Possums are native marsupials which feed on leaves, buds, flowers and fruits. However, if not properly checked, they can ruin your garden and eat leaves, flowers and fruits of your favourite prized plants. These little creatures are a protected species so you cannot harm them in any way. The best you can do is to harmoniously co-exist with them and take necessary steps to lessen their destructive effect on your garden. Like installing possum guards or other preventative measures.

Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery can help you limit this menace by offering the following range of appropriate actions to limit their access to trees:

  • Installation of possum guards or bands around trunks or major branches of trees. These are typically constructed from clear polycarbonate sheeting and should be a minimum of 60cm wide. Possum guards may also be placed on surrounding trees to restrict access to a combined tree canopy. The guards prevent possums from feeding and nesting thereby preventing damage to the foliage. Often, if one tree is at risk, the surrounding ones should also be banded to prevent possums from jumping from one to another. Accordingly, we recommend that guards should be installed on adjacent trees as well to effectively control the threat.
  • The affected trees and neighbouring ones may be pruned to reduce the crown away from contact of other trees to prevent the development of ‘possum highways’. A clear distance of 2m should be kept between tree's and surrounding structures.
  • The installation of a possum fence which is a wire electric fence that goes on top of your existing fencing to stop possums using your fence as a pathway.

If you have any concerns about your residential possum population getting into your prized plants and fruit trees, we have the answer. Offering a range of safe and humane control options, contact us today for more detailed information on possum control. Give us a call today and get started.


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