Arborist Reports & Surveys

Arborist Reports Surveys

Arborist Reports & Surveys

Many councils have Planning Overlays or Local Laws that relate to the protection of trees on private property. Whether you simply want to prune or remove one from your garden or require a permit from the Council or have submitted a planning application and Council have requested further information, we can discuss your needs and provide a written report with your options and our recommendations.

Daryl’s Tree Care offers the necessary experience and qualifications to provide reports during pre-construction, construction, practical completion and then final certification.

These reports can then be submitted to the council.

Our reports and surveys provide impartial, practical recommendations and conclusions to assist you to reach achievable and realistic outcomes.

A survey will have all essential data for each tree including:

  • Genus, Species and Common Name ‘Height and Width
  • DBH (Diameter at Breast Height)
  • Age, Health, Vigor and Structure
  • Landscape Amenity, Heritage or Ecological Value
  • Crown Spread
  • Visible Defects or Evidence of Wounding
  • Structural Root Zone / Tree Protection Zone
  • Retention Value

If you require a written arborist report, call us now on 03 9897 4418