Transplanting And Replanting

Transplanting and Replanting

Transplanting and Replanting

As more people are realising the aesthetic and financial value of trees, tree transplanting (including large and mature trees) is becoming more common in the urban environment.

Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery assists private and commercial property owners to maintain their trees by transplanting any sized tree or shrub from inappropriate areas or areas which will be undergoing development, to more suitable locations.

Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery have years of experience in successful tree transplanting of all varieties from small shrubs to large palm trees. With our expertise and the use of the latest equipment, we can easily excavate trees for replanting and have successfully transplanted trees of all sizes and ages.

When replanting trees special attention has to be paid the soil in which the tree will be planted. Often the relocated plant dies because precautions such as proper drainage, pH levels and issues related to soil compaction were not taken into account. Before carrying out a transplanting exercise, we do an in depth site and soil examination to determine its suitability to receive the new plant.

For the replanting, we choose a space that will be adequate even when the plant has grown to its full size and there is ample freedom for the roots to spread. Our experience has also shown that overhead area for a full grown plant is equally important. It should not face any barriers or get entangled in utility wires.

If you are in Melbourne and would like some advice about transplanting and replanting of trees, give us a call on 98974418 and we will organise a free quote and advice.