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  • Emergency Tree Care

    Emergency Tree Care- What to do?

    Posted on: December 4,2018

    Around this time of year, the weather starts to get a little bit more unpredictable. While we tend to expect the occasional storm and can plan around it, it’s the incidence of trees affected by prolonged periods of dryness and then hit by a storm that comes together to create disaster. If you’ve found yourself […]

  • Aussie Native Trees

    Wondering what to plant? Consider your best bet: Aussie Native Trees!

    Posted on: November 10,2018

    Very often, this is a decision that is either rushed or not considered at all. At Daryl’s Tree Care, we’d recommend a little planning and forethought- because if you get the species right, you’ll be enjoying the benefits (and maybe reaping the fruits) of your labour for many years afterwards. Get the species wrong and […]

  • wild weather

    Wild Weather and Tree Safety- What You Need to Know

    Posted on: October 3,2018

    With the warmer months set to take off and the arrival of spring sending our gardens into a frenzy of activity, now is the perfect time to take stock of any pain points in the garden- before they present a problem. With storm seasons only increasing in unpredictability every year, the best approach to storm […]

  • Tree Cable Bracing

    Can Cable Bracing Resolve Hazardous Trees?

    Posted on: September 19,2018

    When you love your garden and trees as much as the next outdoor fanatic, it can be devastating to think that your tree could need complete removal.   Sometimes you might not have expected a tree was sick or hazardous at all before realising that cable bracing may be needed to save it. However, even […]

  • Garden mulch-ground cover wood chips. Planting and watering seedlings Salvia flowers over pine bark mulch, with copy space, outdoors

    Much ado about Mulch

    Posted on: September 3,2018

    The seasoned gardener knows the value of a good quality, carefully chosen mulch. Did you know that not every type of mulch will be well suited to the task you need it to do? Using leaf litter and chipped foliage and timber usually work wonders in gardens affected by temperature in extremes, but as per […]

  • Big Old Tree

    Tree Lover? There’s a Database for the Melbourne’s Most Beloved Trees.

    Posted on: August 16,2018

    Did you know there are registries and laws that can be used to protect certain trees and fauna? Australia is home to many absolutely beautiful varieties and a number of breathtaking anomalies within those species that are so special, they’ve been carefully selected for protection.   We’ve all seen a spectacular tree variety at some […]

  • facts about some Australian tree species

    Tree Facts And Stats That Will Take Your Breath Away

    Posted on: August 1,2018

    At Daryl’s Tree Care, we often find ourselves drawing breath over a particularly amazing species of tree. That’s why, when it comes to the history of incredible trees in our past, we tend to get a little fanatical and nostalgic. Here are some facts about some Australian tree species across history and their value to […]

  • Should I prune my fruit trees in winter

    Should I Prune My Fruit Trees In Winter?

    Posted on: July 18,2018

    While most of us are spending winter hiding out from the cold, others don’t feel so thermally challenged: Want to brave winter and trim trees without the company of the sun? Motivation alone shouldn’t be your only tool. Prior to trimming any tree, it’s important to understand the basic rules, and that’s the truth: rain, […]

  • 3 areas to assess if you think your tree is at risk

    3 Areas To Assess If You Think Your Tree Is At Risk

    Posted on: June 5,2018

    Addressing a dying tree can be a bit confronting for dedicated gardeners. As true appreciators of the towering giants that provide us with shade, cool and beauty the year round, it can be difficult at the least to admit they need to go.   Sick trees often give us time to act before it’s too […]

  • Got Possums? We’re sorry. Here’s what you need to know.

    Got Possums? We’re Sorry. Here’s What You Need To Know.

    Posted on: June 4,2018

    Possum Problems? If you’ve ever seen a possum scuttle across power lines against the backdrop of a starry night sky, you’ll have been equally in awe of how sweet (and agile) they are. That is until they pull a full moon party on your roof at 3 am, scarf down your prized roses or start […]