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  • Could you spot a sick tree in your garden?

    Could You Spot A Sick Tree In Your Garden?

    Posted on: April 4,2018

    Time spent in your garden is a labour of love, so it’s not unusual to feel absolutely panicked at the idea of your favourite tree needing urgent care. The threat of infectious disease, light or shade restrictions and/or haphazard weather changes can have even the most seasoned gardener reaching out to a tree arborist. Melbourne […]

  • Tree Care Services

    4 Reasons Your Tree isn’t Surviving

    Posted on: March 9,2018

    You’ve planted one or more trees around your property in a bid to improve the look and health of your garden, increase property price and maybe even attract some interesting and colourful wildlife. When you take landscaping into your own hands, it’s easy to get things wrong. Common mistakes often lead to trees that just […]

  • Tree Care Solutions

    Why Autumn Tree Care is Important

    Posted on: March 7,2018

    Summer in Melbourne has been fruitful with long days and warm nights. Soon enough, nature will take its course and turn green leaves into brown, whilst bringing on a new sight to behold in the garden. Tree care is important to ensure that your trees can withstand the change in weather.   Your efforts in […]

  • Why Shouldn’t You Lop Trees?

    Why Shouldn’t You Lop Trees?

    Posted on: February 12,2018

    Tree lopping is an outdated tree care method that does more damage than good. So much so, that The ACT Tree Protection Act 2005 has prohibited it. Despite extensive research based on the disadvantages of lopping trees, it remains a commonly used practice. What is Tree Lopping? Tree lopping is an arboricultural activity that is […]

  • Beautiful tree garden

    6 Tips for Planting Healthier Trees

    Posted on: January 19,2018

    Did you know that the City of Melbourne owns 70,000 trees? As well as having a combined value of around $650 million, the trees are also part of the reason that Melbourne has been crowned the most liveable city in the world.   It’s no wonder that home owners in the city are seeing the […]

  • Tree Pruning MPrune and Prepare your Trees for 2018elbourne

    Prune and Prepare your Trees for 2018

    Posted on: January 17,2018

    We’re in the midst of summer in Melbourne and 2018 has settled in. Why not use the New Year to ensure you’re looking after your garden in the way you should be? Proper tree care can take a lot of work and for the big jobs, always consult a professional tree arborist.   Pruning your […]

  • How to Care for Fire-Damaged Trees

    How to Care for Fire-Damaged Trees

    Posted on: January 8,2018

    Bushfires in Australia are more common during dry season, but homes and gardens are at risk of experiencing a fire all year round. If you are affected by a fire, you might think about ways to get your garden back to health afterwards. For safety reasons, you should tend to fire-damaged trees as quickly as […]

  • Why Tree Transplanting is Trickier than you Think

    Why Tree Transplanting is Trickier than you Think

    Posted on: December 10,2017

    There are some gardening tasks that call for a professional tree arborist. Tree transplanting is one of those procedures that we don’t recommend tackling alone. Even if you live in a more urban area, you might recognise the need to replant trees from time-to-time, especially given the increased market value that trees can add to […]

  • 8 Fascinating Facts about Trees

    8 Fascinating Facts about Trees

    Posted on: November 30,2017

    Not everyone appreciates trees in the way that we should. For almost 400 million years, trees have taken care of our land, animals and people. They provide shade, shelter and food, and they’re a valuable resource that are often taken for granted.   There are 46% less trees on earth than there were 12,000 years […]

  • Be Prepared with these 5 Summer Garden Tips

    Be Prepared with these 5 Summer Garden Tips

    Posted on: November 28,2017

    Summer is on the way and we’ve finally been enjoying warmer weather in Melbourne! This is the season to invest time in your garden and gain momentum for the rest of the year. Achieving a beautiful, fresh landscape doesn’t happen by accident. It requires careful garden and tree care and a touch of enthusiasm from […]