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  • possum on trees

    When to cut and when to save – the importance of mature trees

    Posted on: March 1,2017

    Did you know that trees with hollows are vitally important to native Australian animals? Many of our precious and unique animals need tree hollows as they provide protection from predators and enable the vulnerable animals places to both breed and shelter. However our native animals are extremely picky, and their selection of a tree hollow […]

  • Tree services

    When should you get an arborist report?

    Posted on: February 16,2017

    A tree or arborist report is a document that documents the arborist’s assessment of the tree or trees in question and provides detailed data on a range of concerns from common identification items to the health, vigour and size of the plants. Typically, there are two reasons for requesting a report: to fulfill a council’s […]

  • Tree services

    Wild Weather – Beach Weather?

    Posted on: February 3,2017

    Did you know that hot weather can be just as damaging and hazardous to trees as stormy weather? Combine this with a wind and not only do you have perfect weather for a bushfire, but you also have the right environment for an unexpected tree branch to fail and come down. Many Australian native trees […]

  • An arborist

    Hazardous Tree Assessments – Get the Professionals!

    Posted on: January 11,2017

    At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, one of our areas of expertise is in providing hazardous tree assessments. Our managing director Daryl, recommends regularly conducting inspections of the trees in your garden, as even the healthiest trees can quickly become hazardous. A hazardous tree is considered unsafe when it contains structural defects on either trunk […]

  • Historic Fig Trees

    What is a Tree Worth?

    Posted on: December 28,2016

    It is well known that trees in urban areas provide a range of benefits to the surrounding suburbs, from filtering the air, reducing rainwater runoff and storing carbon. However, some of the subtle benefits are not as well known. For example, one of the main benefits of a tree is what real estate agents refer […]

  • Professional Tree Pruning

    A Brief History on our Beginnings.

    Posted on: December 23,2016

    The arborist and tree care industry is a notoriously dangerous workplace. The wrong cut to a branch and trees can easily come down, damaging people and property in the process. At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, we were founded with the highest safety standards and benchmarks to provide the best service to clients. Based in […]

  • mulch

    The Benefits of Quality Mulch.

    Posted on: November 25,2016

    Mulch can provide a range of benefits for your garden. A natural way of creating healthy plants: it is nature’s way of protecting both plants and soil. Mulch is naturally created in large quantities all the time, from fallen leaves, twigs, flowers, fallen fruit and other organic material. As gardeners, we often remove all the […]

  • arborist

    Avoid the Chainsaw Hacks

    Posted on: November 11,2016

    While at first any tree servicing may seem simple, the truth is that the entire process is extremely complicated. With inadequate experience or technical knowledge, a simple pruning job can turn into a dangerous exercise. Simple mistakes can become hazardous for homeowners attempting “do-it-yourself” tree work. From faulty equipment, falling limbs and even absent-mindedness, mistakes […]

  • Removing a tree

    When Are Tree Removals Necessary? 4 Signs it is Time

    Posted on: November 7,2016

    Trees are a beautiful part of any garden or exterior landscape. However, they can also quickly become a hazard if they become weak or infested or grow too close to buildings. If this happens to your tree, hiring an experienced, professional arborist to remove the tree is recommended. Most people, however, do not recognise the […]

  • blog-inner-1

    The importance of a good Tree Service – The Top 10 Questions to ask your Arborist

    Posted on: October 25,2016

    The general rule with any tree maintenance is that if you cannot do the job with both feet on the ground, it is time to hire a professional arborist. Too often a simple tree service ends in an accident or tragedy for people and/or nearby buildings. Working at great heights requires training in arboriculture and […]