Home insurance and tree trimming and removal

Home insurance and tree trimming and removal

What you need to know

Do you know whether your home insurance policy covers you?

The state of your trees could answer that question pretty quickly.

It’s vital that you hire a company for tree care regularly, especially if you have many trees.

Some trees are more prone to dropping branches than others, but all can die off and become rotten inside, thereby a danger to people and property.

Find out exactly what you need to know about tree care and home insurance in this article.

What is tree trimming?

Tree trimming is appropriate when it is not necessary or desirable to remove a tree altogether but when you need to cut back the tree.

This could be the case for varying reasons.

You might want more sunlight into your front window or to reach your new garden bed, and tree care can facilitate that by removing dense branches.

Branches might have fallen or been in danger of falling from an otherwise healthy tree.

You might desire more security by removing thick growth from trees surrounding your home.

Find out why tree trimming is so important.

What is tree removal?

Tree removal is called for when you need the whole tree extracted and taken away.

It is necessary when trees pose a danger to inhabitants on a property or buildings and other structures.

Sometimes you might call for it due to aesthetic reasons – perhaps a tree obscures the look of your home.

Tree removal can put your mind at rest that pesky old trees won’t be dropping their branches on your home or garage.

And they won’t be posing a risk to your family, friends, or pets.

See our recommendations for 3 benefits of tree removal for your home.

Why have home insurance?

A home insurance policy allows policyholders to seek greater protection for their residence.

Insurance offers the opportunity to seek compensation for accidental losses and damage to a home.

If the covered event happens, there are sometimes limits and exclusions involved in the insurance.

It pays to read your policy closely and even seek legal advice if you are unsure about anything.

Does insurance cover my tree care cost?

No, generally, your insurance policy will not cover tree removal costs or any other fees associated with taking care of your trees.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can just let your trees die off, rot and drop branches everywhere because you could be in trouble if you do.

If your insurance company can prove that you neglected your trees and that doing so in some way contributed to home damage from trees, then you won’t be seeing any money.

Even though it does cost to hire a company for tree removal or even tree trimming, it is well worth the investment as you ensure that your home insurance stays valid.

How do I make sure I am covered?

You must keep up with your tree trimming needs around your property, and when a tree dies and begins to rot and drop branches, you need to hire someone for tree removal without delay.

Any one of those branches could land on your property, and neglecting to keep tree trimming up to date can void your policy.

So mark an annual date in your calendar where you call a company and book services like tree trimming and tree removal as necessary.

You never know when a storm could come and damage your property, and you want to get in early and prepare yourself so that if your home sustains harm, the policy is still valid.

Why is home insurance important?

Your home insurance protects your dwelling if anything terrible happens, which could prove expensive to fix.

If a large tree branch fell on your house and smashed through parts of the roof – leaving big holes – you couldn’t live in your residence all of a sudden.

The rain, wind, and cold would get inside your house.

This fact is an immediate problem, which requires swift action, lest further damage befalls your home.

Lasting repairs rely on you having the money to take those actions immediately.

The only way to make sure you are in the position to get your roof fixed is to ensure that your insurance will cover the cost unless you have tens of thousands of dollars just lying around.

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We have shared with you why tree care is so critical for your home insurance.

You don’t want to neglect your trees and void your home insurance policy.

So call us today and book in for either tree trimming or tree removal now.