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  • Plant Health Care

    Plant Health Care

    Posted on: October 21,2014

    A healthy and prosperous tree in full bloom is a remarkable sight and enhances the appearance of the outdoors. To facilitate tree health and its proper maintenance effective plant health care is crucial. Identify problems quickly and contact certified arborists for finding solutions. Some common indications of failing tree health are;         […]

  • Historic Fig Trees

    Historic Fig Trees Have Been Saved by Environment Authority

    Posted on: September 27,2014

    In a latest judgment NSW Land and Environment Court has saved 9 old fig trees from the proposed removal by the Department of Education on grounds of safety. Many of these Fig trees which are located in Alstonville Public School in Sydney are more than 100 years old which made them culturally precious as well. […]

  • Falling Branch

    More than 5000 Trees Have Been Cut Down at NSW Schools since the Death of a Schoolgirl from a Falling Branch

    Posted on: September 26,2014

                            In a revealing report confirmed by the Department of Education it has been known that more than 500 trees including some old and precious trees have been chopped down at NSW schools on the grounds of safety following the death of an eight […]

  • Common Tree Care Injuries

    AgriFood Skills Australia is Reviewing Qualification Framework for Arboriculture Experts

    Posted on: September 16,2014

    AgriFood Skills Australia which is the industry skills council for the entire arboriculture industry has recently decided to review a few things for qualifying arboriculture experts. To update the skill and competence parameters for arboriculture experts the skill council authority has decided to review the qualification framework and units of competency for arboriculture experts. The […]

  • Benefits of Mulching

    The Benefits of Mulching

    Posted on: September 12,2014

    As per strict definition of the term Mulch refers to the applied material on the soil surface and the process of applying such cover is called mulching. Mulching is a common procedure widely used by gardeners and arborists for assuring better soil quality and nutrition for their trees. Mulches actually help in conservation of moisture […]

  • Fruit Tree Pruning with knife

    Fruit Tree Pruning Methods

    Posted on: September 9,2014

    Pruning is not only essential for yield of fruits but also for long and healthy tree life. But obviously following correct pruning methods is too much important for tree health. Instead of replacing a tree after a span of 10 or 20 years proper pruning can assure a lasting life for the tree and great […]

  • Surface Tree Roots in the Yard

    What to do with Surface Tree Roots in the Yard?

    Posted on: September 4,2014

    For lawns and yards often the mounted tree roots on the land surface causes enough troubles. Not only on the evenly smooth surface they look like rash spots but they also make the mowing job a challenge. These surface roots often prove to be detrimental to the health of grass on the yard or nearby […]

  • Man Standing on Wooden Ladder


    Posted on: September 3,2014

    Before chainsaws were invented, the logging industry in the United States & Canada was a seriously challenging occupation and we are only talking about 125 years ago. In the Pacific Northwest there were forests full of monster trees and cutting them down was done by hand.  A friend sent me these photos and I had […]

  • Axe on Stump

    How to Remove Tree Stumps?

    Posted on: August 22,2014

    Removing tree stumps involve some difficulties that can be minimized following some techniques. How much time and energy consuming the process is depends on the size, width and root system of the particular tree. While size and width in open eyes can be the only factors, how deep and wide the roots of the tree […]

  • Tree Removal vs Tree Trimming

    Tree Removal vs. Tree Trimming

    Posted on: August 20,2014

    The two terms tree trimming and tree removal are actually interrelated terms used in horticulture and sylviculture. Trimming is a tree care service that involves selective ‘removal’ of diseased, damaged, non-productive, structurally unsound or undesirable tissues, branches, leaves, roots or buds. Trimming may be required either on young trees or on mature trees. A developing […]