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  • Breaking News!!Pitt Town: Schoolgirl, 8, dies as huge gum tree branch falls on students

    Posted on: February 23,2014

      Importance of Tree Inspection A large branch from a 50-year-old gum tree fell at a school in Sydney’s north- west and sadly, killed a 8 year old student and injured two other children and a teacher. This sad incidence reminds us of the importance of regular tree inspections. As much as we love and […]

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    Identify and Manage Hazardous Tree Defects and Tree Damage

    Posted on: December 2,2013

    • #5- Canker: A canker is a localized area on a stem or branch of a tree, where bark is sunken or missing. Cankers are caused by wounding or disease. The presence of a large canker increases the chance of the stem or branch breaking near the canker. Act immediately if… • A canker affects more […]

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    Identify and Manage Hazardous Tree Defects and Tree Damage

    Posted on: December 1,2013

    • #3- Weak Tree Branch Unions: Weak branch unions are places where branches are not strongly attached to the tree. A weak union occurs when two or more branches grow so closely together that bark grows between the branches and inside the union. This ingrown bark does not have the structural strength of wood and the […]

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    Identify and Manage Hazardous Tree Defects and Tree Damage

    Posted on: December 1,2013

    High-risk defects are signs of tree failure. Look for seven important tree defects: dead wood, cracks, weak branch unions, decay, cankers, root problems, and poor tree form. These tree defects will be described in the next several sections. Remember: a tree with defects is not hazardous unless some portion of it is within striking distance of […]

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    Arboriculture Australia News

    Posted on: November 29,2013

    The Melbourne Urban Forest Accord Group driven by Melbourne City Council and Arboriculture Australia™ commenced work on researching and changing the algorithms and pollution data for i-Tree ECO to make a total Victoria version which would then be expanded out to each state of Australia. This software was originally developed by the United Stated of […]

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    VTCC 2013 a great event

    Posted on: November 29,2013

    VTCC 2013 a great event November 25, 2013 by Secretariat Leave a Comment VTCC 2013 was a great success and, despite some rain, we were able to get everything finished on the day, which after the second wash out and the delayed start to the day came as a bit of a surprise. The support […]

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    Try These Organic Gardening Tips

    Posted on: August 2,2013

    You would like to have a garden that works well with the environment. Below are some excellent ideas to help you begin down the road to an organic garden of your own. One of the most wonderful things about buying food that sets organic gardening apart from conventional gardening is that commercial pesticides are not […]