The importance of a good Tree Service – The Top 10 Questions to ask your Arborist

The general rule with any tree maintenance is that if you cannot do the job with both feet on the ground, it is time to hire a professional arborist. Too often a simple tree service ends in an accident or tragedy for people and/or nearby buildings. Working at great heights requires training in arboriculture and specialised equipment to ensure the process is conducted without incident. A trained professional will have the skill to avoid any risky variables, such as nearby structures, electrical wires and any wildlife.

At Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery Pty Ltd, we understand that hiring tree care professionals can also be a risky process. The wrong company can end up costing more than the initial tree maintenance in collateral damage. To assist you to make an informed decision, we have put together the following questions to determine an arborist’s suitability.

  1. Do they have relevant and up to date qualifications?
    Ensure the company and all employed arborists are fully trained and qualified in relevant practices. We recommend that you always prefer a company who are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) or Arboriculture Australia.
  1. Are they properly insured and can they provide you with a certificate of currency?
    One of the most important questions is what kind of insurance can they offer you. You do not want to become liable for any injuries or accidents which occur on your property.
  1. Do they have a list of references?
    Most companies can provide reference similar to the quoted job. Ask for contact details from recent clients or checkout feedback posted on the company’s Facebook page.
  1. Can they give you a detailed quote?
    When seeking an arborist company, get a detailed quote and then compare the results to other companies. How do they differ and how does this changes the project’s result?
  1. How do they plan to approach the job?
    After each quote, evaluate how they plan to approach the tree service and what equipment they plan to use. Are there any objects in the path of the machines? What collateral damage is acceptable to you?
  1. What is the duration of the entire project?
    You can gain a better estimate of the duration by comparing several quotes.
  1. Does the company have a professional appearance?
    How do the company’s employees present themselves? Ensure their equipment looks clean and well maintained, not just for safety reasons. If they treat their machines poorly, how will they treat your property?
  1. Are the crew protected with hard hats, ear muffs, protective glasses, chainsaw proof pants and boots and other safety equipment? Any reputable company will be mindful of the safety of their crew and ensure that they follow OH&S procedures.
  2. What practise do they recommend?
    Do your research on a company before signing. Do they recommend outdated practices or the latest safe techniques?
  1. Finally, do they seem passionate about their job?

At Daryl’s Tree Care, we are passionate about our business and believe any good arborist should love providing great tree service as much as we do. Call us on 9877-4418 to organise your free quote today.

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