The Need for Professional Tree Removal Service in Melbourne

Before going into why tree removal in Melbourne should preferably be entrusted to a professional removal service, it will be practical to understand the reasons behind taking down a tree. The first is of course to take out trees that pose a threat to the surroundings. Trees that have become old, decayed and diseased can topple over in high winds jeopardising life and property below. Again tree removal is an essential part of landscape beautification. Closely growing trees or ones that have intertwined thick canopies that block out sunlight are often removed to free up the space for an open and aesthetically pleasing look.

Now, even though there are the DIY types who would rather remove a tree on their own, it is always advisable to call in a professional removal service for it. Trained and experienced arborists of tree care agencies have specialised tools that can remove a tree quickly and effectively, regardless of its size. Further, when they are at work, it is assured that limbs and branches will not fall on your house or neighbouring property. It is a tricky and complex process best left to the experts.

Then again, removing the stump after a tree has been cut down can be an extremely laborious process, especially if the tree has been large with the roots running deep. Drilling holes in the stumps and pouring in chemicals to dissolve the wood is a method that is time taking, often months on end. Some even resort to slow burning which pollutes the surroundings. But companies engaged in tree care and tree removal in Melbourne have special equipment that can grind the stump to mulch in no time, irrespective of its size. Thus immediately after removing a tree the land becomes ready for planting of new plants or flower beds.

If you need professional tree removal service in Melbourne, Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery should be your first choice. Our team of trained and experienced arborists are well conversant with every facet of tree care. Special equipment helps us to complete any task speedily without affecting the surroundings in any manner. Apart from tree removal, we are also specialists in tree pruning and trimming, tree transplantation, hazardous tree management and preparation of arborists reports amongst others. Daryl, our Managing Director is highly qualified in this field and is a member of the prestigious International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Call us now for top of the line tree care services.

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