Hire Professional Help for Tree Trimming in Melbourne

Hire Professional Help for Tree Trimming in Melbourne

Tree trimming in Melbourne is definitely not for the amateurs or DIY gardeners. True, people do not call for expert help when a few overgrown branches have to be trimmed. But there is a lot more to trimming than just removing a limb or two.

Consider a few scenarios. A particularly large tree has grown on to your roof and falling leaves are clogging up the roof gutters and downpipes. Will you climb on to the roof to trim the tree? Definitely not! Apart from the possibility of falling down and injuring yourself, the trimmed portions will be extremely difficult to remove from the top of the roof. Clearing up the mess later will be a back-breaking job. A better idea would be to call in expert arborists who will use specialised tools to quickly and safely complete the job in no time.

Same is the case with trees growing onto neighbouring properties. Trying your hand at tree trimming might result in heavy limbs falling in your neighbour’s yard which could endanger life and property below. Professionals will make a clean and thorough job of it.

If you feel that the trees in your garden need to be trimmed to bring them to a desired symmetrical shape to heighten the beauty of the landscape, you should contact reputable companies for tree trimming in Melbourne. Random pruning may structurally weaken trees. This is because trees draw their sustenance through foliage and drastic pruning will reduce the tree’s food producing capacity. Trained arborists will never prune more than 30% of the foliage at one time, something that lay people are not trained to estimate.

There is another case for tree pruning and that is when trees grow to touch utility wires above. If left uncared for, a short circuit can set off a major blaze, especially in summer when the leaves are dry. When this happens to your trees, call in  professional arborists to take care of this problem before the power companies charge you a fortune to take care of this job themselves.

If you need a professional tree care company for tree trimming in Melbourne, Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery should be your first option. Our qualified arborists are trained in every facet of tree care and use specialised equipment to carry out all tree care related tasks quickly, effectively and with assured safety to human beings, pets and property. Apart from tree pruning, we also undertake tree and stump removal, transplanting and replanting, preparation of arborist’s reports and carrying out surveys and hazardous tree management amongst others. Daryl our Managing Director is a leading professional in this field with an Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture, a Certificate of Tree Surgery and a membership of the prestigious International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

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