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For residents of Lilydale, tree pruning is an integral part of overall tree care and is perhaps its most important component. Trees often require pruning to maintain clearance for utility services and buildings or to improve the safety, structure, and...

Tree pruning essentially involves removing plant parts to improve the health, landscape effect, or value of the plant.It is done to supply additional energy for the development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that remain on the plant. Proper tree pruning...

There are two main reasons for undertaking tree removal in Ringwood. The first is to protect life and property and the second is to improve the aesthetics of your garden.The most critical of these is tree removal undertaken as a...


Daryl’s Tree Care

Please be advised due to stage 4 restrictions, we will be temporarily closed from Wednesday August 5 at 5:00pm.

We will be available to undertake emergency tree works for any dangerous or fallen trees. For this please contact Daryl on 0408 052 564.

Our apologies to all our clients affected during this lockdown period.