5 Reasons to Book a Tree Stump Removal Service Today

Have you been putting off removing that tree stump in your front or back yard? You may think it’s no big deal to leave it there but in actual fact, there are many reasons you should consider having it removed sooner rather than later. Tree stumps can be unsightly, dangerous and even cause damage to your property!

Here are our top 5 reasons to book in a tree stump removal service today, with Daryl’s Tree Care.

  1. Tree Stumps are Just Plain Unsightly

If you are someone who takes pride in the appearance of your home and yard, you’ll want to consider having any unsightly tree stumps removed to keep your property looking beautiful. You may get used to the stumps being there and not even notice them after a while, but rest assured, any visitors to your property will see them as an eye sore. Keep your property looking neat and tidy by having your tree stumps professionally removed.

  1. Tree Stumps are a Safety Hazard

Another important reason to have tree stumps professionally removed for your property is that they can become a safety hazard for adults, children and even pets.

Again, you may get used to a tree stump being present in your yard and easily navigate around it however, visitors, children and pets may not. The stump then becomes a tripping hazard (particularly if your lawn is unkept and the grass disguises the stump underneath), which may result in serious injuries. Commercial properties should also keep this in mind and have any stumps removed ASAP to avoid costly law suits.

  1. Stumps Can Spawn New Sprouts

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that when a tree has been cut down,  the stump is also dead. Whilst that is possible, more often than not, the stump stays alive and spawns new sprouts around it. These can end up becoming difficult and costly to remove; sometimes costlier that it would otherwise have been to remove the stump itself. Additionally, tree stumps can drain precious nutrients and moisture from your soil, impacting the health of your nearby plants, lawns, and other trees.

  1. Dead Stumps Attract Unwanted Pests

When a tree stump does die, it can quickly begin to rot and attract a number of unwanted pests that can attack your surrounding trees and plants, and even compromise your home.

Ants, beetles, spiders and termites are attracted to rotting wood and from there, can spread quickly causing major damage to your garden. The stump may even become a breeding ground for termites which can make their way to your house and compromise its structural integrity.

  1. Tree Stumps Impact Lawn Maintenance

Mowing and weeding your lawns is difficult enough without having to work around stumps and other obstacles in your yard. Have your tree stumps removed with Daryl’s Tree Care and save yourself time and money down the track.

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