A Brief History on our Beginnings.

A Brief History on our Beginnings.

The arborist and tree care industry is a notoriously dangerous workplace. The wrong cut to a branch and trees can easily come down, damaging people and property in the process.

At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, we were founded with the highest safety standards and benchmarks to provide the best service to clients. Based in Melbourne, our Director – Daryl – built the company on the foundations of experience and a can-do attitude. These twin values combined with the dedication to employee and client safety has led us to become one of  the leading arborist companies servicing both metro and country Melbourne properties.

A fully qualified arborist, our managing director Daryl, gained his accreditations from V.C.A.H Burnley and Northern TAFE. Following this excellent training he  worked in the industry and set up Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery  over twenty five years ago. Using the latest tree removal equipment, he  offers professional arborist services throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Today the company offers the complete professional service in tree care. For that unwanted tree in the back yard, we can undertake tree removal services. Daryl’s Tree Care can also undertake tree pruning, trimming, transplanting and  even simple tree planting. Once the tree is gone, we can also carry out complete stump removal, services. This involves  grinding the leftover stump and nearby roots to a pulp with the latest advanced equipment.

We also provide hazardous tree assessments, which is one of our most important services and is an especially intricate task. In our many years’ experience, we know that no tree can be completely safe. Slight changes in the surrounding ground, weather conditions and even the general wear and life span of a tree can change a tree’s health. During a hazardous tree assessment, we assess our clients’ entire garden and provide advice on which trees are high-risk and unsafe. For trees that are thriving and healthy we can also provide tree maintenance services, so that the tree can continue to thrive for as long as possible.

For all our  work, Daryl’s benchmark of care and safety, ensures we offer the highest level of service to our clients. When we visit a client, they can be assured  that they are protected under the best insurance and public liability cover. Following our visit, our clients are always impressed with our ability to clean up, leaving them a clean and tidy yard – minus the unwanted tree or untidy branches.

Contact Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery for any of your tree or arborist requirements in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs.