AgriFood Skills Australia is Reviewing Qualification Framework for Arboriculture Experts

AgriFood Skills Australia which is the industry skills council for the entire arboriculture industry has recently decided to review a few things for qualifying arboriculture experts. To update the skill and competence parameters for arboriculture experts the skill council authority has decided to review the qualification framework and units of competency for arboriculture experts. The review process is expected to bring several crucial changes in the way men in arboriculture industry are tested for their acquired skill set and competency. With this move the arboriculture in the country is going to be more competence driven incorporating latest skill set in the job.

The council is already in the process of preparing two job role statements that reflect these changes. These job role statements are being prepared to ensure enhanced standard of qualification and competence level. These job role statements would further ensure that the qualification and competence tests accurately reflect the arboriculture jobs.

AgriFood Skills Australia Continuous Improvement Register considers the current qualification framework is non-consistent with the present job roles in the arboriculture industry. The council is incorporating changes in two phases. In Phase 1 the rules concerning the packaging in AHC20510 will be covered. In Phase 2 scoping, review and development of training packages will be covered. Part 2 is again divided into two levels. Level 1 is concerning entry level jobs and level 2 is related to trade level more demanding jobs. A technical reference group is working for reviewing the validation process for entry level jobs.

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