Are You Concerned About Elm Leaf Beetle?

Elm trees are truly a majestic species. They offer beautiful strong limbs and plenty of shade and cool from summer shade, so it’s important to repay them by keeping them healthy and safe for the years of enjoyment they’ll offer. Unfortunately, Elms are subject to destruction thanks to their arch nemesis, the Elm Leaf Beetle.

These relentless beasts have made many a meal from our beloved elms. They became an obvious problem towards the end of the 80s and have continued to make a name for themselves ever since. You’ll hear about damage Elm Leaf Beetles have caused in our botanical gardens, home gardens and shared gardens alike.

Tiny yellow and black insects, Elm Leaf Beetles like to feast on the leaves of a number of elm species. This constant feasting causes damage to the leaves of the elm, and the tree can’t photosynthesise as it should. In some cases, you’ll see evidence of Elm Leaf Beetle infestation in leaves that are stripped right back to the arterial structure. It’s often noticed when the tree begins to take on a crisped, sunburnt look, usually when it should look it’s best.

If an infestation goes unregistered too long, it can certainly be a terminal condition for a tree. Think of the damage a tiny caterpillar can do to a seedling and magnify that accordingly- if an Elm Leaf Beetle colony has set their sights on your tree, it is nothing to take lightly.

You don’t have to remove a tree suffering from Elm Leaf Beetle infestation. Even though it may come as a recommendation, there are professional methods that can be deployed to save your gentle giant. Developments in advanced tree health support surrounding Elm Leaf Beetle infestation have closed in on the bug, and it is possible to administer an injectable treatment to the soil around your elm that will effectively treat the infestation in a matter of weeks.

Daryl’s Tree Care are trusted and professional tree arborists. If you suspect pest damage or if you are concerned about your mature trees, don’t attempt to resolve the issue on your own. Elm Leaf Beetle requires professional intervention before risking contamination of neighbouring elms. Please call us on (03) 9998 3628 and arrange a consultation with a member of our skilled team today.

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