3 Of Melbourne’s Most Recognisable Trees

Victoria is Australia’s smallest mainland state with the second biggest population, it also has one of the most distinct and bountiful landscapes in all of Australia. Melbourne at its epicentre is a city known for its culture, arts, food and coffee. With our food and coffee taking up much of the spotlight, it’s easy to forget that Victoria is actually made up of 36% forest and is home to over 1800km of coastline.

The hustle and bustle of city life often distracts us from the geographical marvels greater Melbourne has to offer. As Melbourne-based arborists, we are privy to the natural wonder of our city and work to maintain and enhance it. As such we have insider knowledge on the most common and recognisable trees that occupy Melbourne.

Who knows, one of them might be just outside your door!


The eucalyptus tree is a staple of Australia’s flora. They dominate our landscape from the bush to the sea and are visible all over Melbourne. Eucalyptus trees are a cultural Eucalyptusfeature of Australian society that has been the subject of songs, story and mythical legend. You’d be hard-pressed to find a scent and sight more familiar than that of eucalyptus. They even have their own national day which is celebrated on March 23rd.

Our ‘gum trees’ as they’ve been coined emanate a rich ‘gummy’ substance that contains anti-bacterial properties that are used for cleaning and aromatherapy. They’re also the home to our

Koalas who feed off their gum leaves making them an important part of our ecosystem. Eucalyptus trees are an important source of wood due to their growth-cycle and availability. Eucalyptus trees need a lot of water to thrive and due to their size and their propensity to shed limbs, they can pose a huge risk to life and property. As such, a regular maintenance program including systematic inpections and pruning can combat these dangers.


Elm trees are a fast-growing deciduous tree that line many of Melbourne’s inner-city boulevards and Elmstreets. These trees are best known for their changing colour leaves which turn yellow and orange in autumn before falling off. Elm trees are a stunning example of natural evolution at work and their iconic structures have been the subject of artistic representation. Elm trees are capable of reaching a great size and shape with age and many in Melbourne today are close to a century old.

Elm tree upkeep is essential for the health and prosperity of this species as they can be prone to disease and falling in extreme weather conditions. The Elm Leaf Beetle is responsible for major damage to the elm tree population across Melbourne. They destroy the elm tree by eating into its leaves and compromising its ability to photosynthesize. Enlisting an arborist regularly for an Elm Leave Beetle Control assessment is recommended.



Although not native to Australia, the Platanus tree can be widely found across the country. They are a popular urban tree as they are very tolerant of pollution and hot and cold weather, hence their dominance on Melbourne’s roadsides. Their maintenance needs are also relatively low as they don’t require as much water to survive as other trees. Their flexibility makes them an appealing ornamental choice for landscapes and gardens across Victoria.



Melbourne is a diverse and multi-faceted place which is home to an array of native plants, animals and geographical wonders. As we are experienced arborists at Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, we have a unique understanding of the tree species’ that surround us. As such we take great pride in protecting and maintaining them. For a tree hazard evaluation, contact our office today 03 9897 4418.

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