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  • tree removal

    The Need for Professional Tree Removal Service in Melbourne

    Posted on: August 5,2016

    Before going into why tree removal in Melbourne should preferably be entrusted to a professional removal service, it will be practical to understand the reasons behind taking down a tree. The first is of course to take out trees that pose a threat to the surroundings. Trees that have become old, decayed and diseased can […]

  • Professional Lumberjack Cuts Trunks

    Hire Professional Help for Tree Trimming in Melbourne

    Posted on: June 30,2016

    Tree trimming in Melbourne is definitely not for the amateurs or DIY gardeners. True, people do not call for expert help when a few overgrown branches have to be trimmed. But there is a lot more to trimming than just removing a limb or two. Consider a few scenarios. A particularly large tree has grown […]

  • Professional Tree Pruning

    Professional Tree Pruning Services – An Overview

    Posted on: June 29,2016

    The dormant winter season is an ideal time for tree pruning for the following reasons: Disease Management– Fresh pruning cuts are less likely to attract disease carrying insects and spread bacteria or fungi. Wind/Storm Preparation– Weak and damaged limbs should be removed at this time to make the tree strong enough to withstand severe winter […]

  • Close up new tree stump in garden

    Tree Stump Removal – An Integral Part of Tree Care

    Posted on: May 13,2016

    Often, when amateurs remove trees themselves they do not simultaneously undertake the tree stump removal as well. The reason for this is that roots from stumps run deep and it is very difficult to remove them with ordinary and regular tools. Slow burning them pollutes the environment. Some people even drill holes in stumps and […]

  • Old Lumber

    Choose Professional Tree and Stump Removal Services

    Posted on: May 10,2016

    Tree and stump removal is necessitated by a number of factors. The most important is to remove dead, dying, decayed and diseased trees that pose a danger to the surroundings. These are structurally very weak and can topple over even in moderate winds causing damage and harm to life and property below. For parks and […]

  • cutting palm tree fronds

    Comprehensive Tree Care by Qualified Arborists in Melbourne

    Posted on: April 28,2016

    There are many aspects to tree care and contrary to popular belief, it is not limited to simple tree and stump removal or tree pruning and trimming though these are also its very important components. In fact, if you are a resident of Melbourne, you’ll do well to contact experienced and trained arborists for any […]

  • Lumberjack In The Tree Top

    Different Aspects of Professional Tree Service

    Posted on: April 26,2016

    Why should you seek professional tree service instead of treating any tree care activity as a simple DIY job? It is because there are many aspects to tree care which are usually not understood by laymen. Take for example tree pruning. It is generally perceived that a pair of heavy shears is all that is […]

  • tree stump removal

    Tree Trimming and Tree Stump Removal in Melbourne

    Posted on: March 31,2016

    There is a general mistaken belief that tree trimming in Melbourne is a DIY job, primarily aimed at giving desired shape to a tree. While this is partly true, there are many other aspects to it, including trimming branches that have outgrown the area they were meant to be confined in. For example, limbs that […]

  • tree services Melbourne

    The Many Facets of Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Melbourne

    Posted on: February 17,2016

    There is a general belief that pruning and trimming of trees is primarily carried out to bring it to a desired shape. While this is partly true, this is just one facet of tree pruning and tree trimming in Melbourne. There are many other aspects to pruning trees which are equally, if not more important. […]

  • Tree Removal

    Tree Removal and Pruning Services in Surrey Hills

    Posted on: February 3,2016

    Tree removal and pruning are an integral part of professional tree care though many mistakenly consider it as a simple DIY task. Attempting tree removal or pruning simply by wielding a heavy axe or large shears has its own pitfalls, and as such it is always advisable to take expert guidance and advice from qualified […]