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  • tree stump removal

    Tree Trimming and Tree Stump Removal in Melbourne

    Posted on: March 31,2016

    There is a general mistaken belief that tree trimming in Melbourne is a DIY job, primarily aimed at giving desired shape to a tree. While this is partly true, there are many other aspects to it, including trimming branches that have outgrown the area they were meant to be confined in. For example, limbs that […]

  • tree services Melbourne

    The Many Facets of Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Melbourne

    Posted on: February 17,2016

    There is a general belief that pruning and trimming of trees is primarily carried out to bring it to a desired shape. While this is partly true, this is just one facet of tree pruning and tree trimming in Melbourne. There are many other aspects to pruning trees which are equally, if not more important. […]

  • Tree Removal

    Tree Removal and Pruning Services in Surrey Hills

    Posted on: February 3,2016

    Tree removal and pruning are an integral part of professional tree care though many mistakenly consider it as a simple DIY task. Attempting tree removal or pruning simply by wielding a heavy axe or large shears has its own pitfalls, and as such it is always advisable to take expert guidance and advice from qualified […]

  • Professional Services for Tree Removal in Camberwell

    Posted on: January 27,2016

    Before going into the reasons why tree removal should always be carried out by professional arborists, it is relevant to understand why it is required at all. For residents of Camberwell, tree removal often becomes a dire necessity. Old, dead and decaying trees that have become structurally weak have to be cut down lest they […]

  • A truck removing broken fallen branches on the side of the road.

    The Need for Tree Removal in Melbourne

    Posted on: January 19,2016

    Before exploring the reasons for tree removal in Melbourne, it is necessary to understand that although it may seem easy, bringing down a tree should not be treated as a DIY task. Tree removal is best left in the hands of trained arborists who have the necessary expertise and equipment to complete the job safely […]

  • tree pruning box hill

    Contact Trained Arborists for Tree Pruning in Box Hill

    Posted on: January 18,2016

    Most people believe that pruning trees is only required to attain a desired shape or to lop off a few limbs if they overhang a neighboring property. While these are very valid reasons to undertake tree pruning in Box Hill, it is definitely not the entire picture.Proper pruning is essential in developing a tree with […]

  • Tree Pruning Box Hill

    Tree Pruning in Box Hill – Call the Tree Experts

    Posted on: December 18,2015

    Residents of Box Hill,or for that matter anywhere else, often mistakenly believe that tree pruning is just about bringing the tree to a desired shape and that a pair of shears is all that is required. Nothing could be further from the truth. Effective tree pruning calls for expert and in-depth knowledge of trees. For […]

  • tree removal melbourne

    Why is Tree Removal in Melbourne Often Necessary

    Posted on: December 17,2015

    The general line of thinking in today’s world is on planting more trees and avoiding deforestation to preserve planet earth from the adverse effects of global warming and pollution. But there are instances where tree removal in Melbourne becomes an absolute necessity. The first is to ward off any danger to life and property from […]

  • tree removal

    Use tree removal to prevent tragedies in Lilydale

    Posted on: November 10,2015

    Both trees and the ocean are beautiful aspects of nature. And they both possess hidden dangers. Many young children and even adults have been lost to strong undercurrents, even though the water looked calm. Similarly many trees look firmly rooted to the ground, yet many children and even families have sadly lost their lives due […]

  • tree removal Lilydale

    Tree removal in Lilydale – The Need to Hire Experts

    Posted on: October 29,2015

    It is important to understand that – tree removal anywhere in Australia, be it Melbourne or one of its suburbs such as Lilydaleis definitely not a DIY task. In fact, tree removal in Lilydale,or for that matter anywhere else, can turn out to be positively dangerous if not handled properly. Tree removal is a precise […]