Spruce up your garden with the perfect trees to plant in Summer!

Spruce up your garden with the perfect trees to plant in Summer!

During the hotter months we just want to know that we can still go outside and be exposed to nature and our gardens in all their glory.

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However, we also want to know that while we are outside that we are not only able to admire the beauty of trees and nature, but we are also able to sit under trees and shade and feel cool under trees.

This is why it’s always a good idea to plant trees and plants that can withstand the Summer heat as well as provide shade and fresh breezes when you choose to go outside.

Here are some of our favourite trees and plants we recommend planting in Summer:

  • Acacia: Can be used in any type of landscape and can adapt very well. In addition, Acacia is well known to thrive in the heat and grow quickly and will produce shade.
  • Eucalyptus: Very fast growing and can withstand great volumes of heat and drought. As this tree grows up to 6 feet a year, you are guaranteed great shade and you can easily trim off the leaves and keep in your house for natural fragrance and aroma.
  • Ash: Ash trees are very low maintenance and grow rapidly. Their branches extend quite largely and provide great space for shade and cool breeze.
  • Catalpa: Very floral and fast growing trees that will add some texture and a gorgeous splash of colour to your garden during Summer. These plants attract bees, bees can be very positive insects in the garden!
  • Pine: Pine trees are tall and fragrant and grow metres high and can withstand the heat years long. The Pine trees height allows for breezes to be easily passed through during Summer whilst giving off a very aromatic scent.
  • Poplar: Poplar trees are especially fast growers and can achieve branch and leaf spans for up to 30’ creating great areas of shade during Summer.
  • Juniper: One of the most heat tolerant trees there are available to plant during Summer. However, Juniper requires plenty of watering and moisture to continue to grow and thrive for many Summer’s to come.

During Summer, choosing to plant trees and other plants that are extremely heat tolerant and can thrive for many years to come, especially in the hotter months is usually the wisest option as caring for plants during Summer can be very strenuous and time consuming.

By choosing trees and plants that require less care and maintenance and can provide you with shade and cool breezes throughout Summer will save you plenty of time and money and will allow you to reap the benefits of sitting in a beautiful garden throughout Summer!

At Daryl’s Tree Care, we are passionate about the care and maintenance of trees and plants all throughout the seasons! If you are interested in learning more about our tree services, please call us on: (03) 9897 4418 to organise a visit to your home.