Council Permits- What You Need To Know When It Comes To Tree Care

Would you like to make changes to the existing trees or vegetation on or around your property?  You may need a permit to proceed with those changes, so be sure that any work you do isn’t regulated or prohibited first!

There are some key reasons that you will require council approval to go ahead with removal, pruning and more on your property.

Every council holds different regulations but many share similar positions when it comes to landscape and vegetation changes. Do some of the following apply to you?

  • Properties that have a significant landscape overlay, an existing planning permit, or a heritage overlay are likely to require a council permit.
  • If you live in a flat, unit or shared occupancy property, or if the property is over a certain size, any trees and vegetation on that property may be protected. Removal can result in a fine for the property owner, so it’s essential to check prior to even the smallest change.
  • Native vegetation is also protected and areas of environmental significance are subject to council approval. Many protected species are carefully monitored to ensure their safety.
  • In some instances, you do not need a permit to make changes to the vegetation or landscape in your vicinity. These may include, and are not limited to.
  • The removal or cutting back of vegetation that presents an immediate risk to those within the vicinity.
  • The removal of vegetation that poses an immediate risk to property. Only the hazardous part of the vegetation (tree limb, branches) may be removed.
  • In the event of neighbouring vegetation posing a risk to your property, try and talk to the property owner first. If a resolution can’t be resolved, you must not take matters into your own hands. Your local council will be able to provide insight into the next best steps to take.

If you’re not sure whether the work you want to be done compromises the safety of a native tree, you can always seek out the assistance of a professional for further clarification.

If you’ve just realised you need council approval before commencing work, don’t put it off! Council Approval can be time-consuming, but  Daryl’s Tree Care can help. We can apply for a permit on your behalf, and delegate the process for a small management fee. Where necessary, we can also organise for an arborist report to be completed to accompany your permit application.

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