Dead, Decaying or Damaged Tree – Call Us Right Away!

The professional arborists at Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery have been in the business of comprehensive tree care, including tree removal, tree lopping and tree pruning, for many years. We have been servicing the beautiful, leafy suburb of Blackburn, and its surroundings, making sure the residents are safe and in harmony with nature. Other services we offer are stump removal, stump grinding, transplanting and replanting, cabling and bracing, hedge trimming, and the like.

Using the latest equipment, and timely response of our customer care services, allows us to make people happy customers. Our tree care specialists are fully insured and strive to provide a high-quality of workmanship and a well organised task. The services provided are quite timely, with the expert team also cleaning up the debris, waste, and removing stumps from the site.

Daryl, the Managing Director of our company, has been in the arboriculture industry for nearly 20 years. He has undergone numerous training programs and has attained certifications, and is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture. With Daryl, we have our qualified arborists who are passionate about assisting the people of Blackburn in every facet of tree care.

We operate Monday thru Friday. Please give us a call to talk about any concerns you might have about your trees, and one of our friendly staff would be happy to advise you on the issues, or make an appointment so we could come out and give you a quote. Our highly-trained and skilful team of arborists and tree loppers are always on the move to serve the people of Blackburn.

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