Be Prepared with these 5 Summer Garden Tips

Summer is on the way and we’ve finally been enjoying warmer weather in Melbourne! This is the season to invest time in your garden and gain momentum for the rest of the year. Achieving a beautiful, fresh landscape doesn’t happen by accident. It requires careful garden and tree care and a touch of enthusiasm from you.

These simple summer garden tips are the guidelines you need to follow to plant the seeds for a successful gardening season.

Keep your Garden Hydrated

The rise in temperature and the decreased rainfall means there’s never been a more important time to water your plants. Focus especially on newer shrubs, as developed plants have more effective root systems so are a little more independent. Whenever your garden shows any sign of wilting in dry conditions, bring out the watering can.

Trim Hedges

At this time of year, you should take actions to keep your hedges pruned. You can call in the experts to tackle larger hedges, and they will safely and effectively prune with a mechanical hedge trimmer. For smaller plants, hand shears should be okay to use. Contact a tree care expert for the best advice.

Protect your Plants from Predators 

Pests like slugs and snails like to attack young buds before they’ve popped their heads up from the soil. You can stop them with physical barriers like coarse grit, or use commercial pesticides or organic methods. Whichever you choose, keep pests away before they feast on your new green plants.

Keep your Garden Cool

Plants naturally cool the air, and the shade under trees can lower temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Keep your garden cool by planting trees to shade the patio and vulnerable plants, or use a water feature for a cooling evaporation effect.

Keep the Bees Happy

Pollinators are friends with our garden and we need certain insects for the pollination of plants. Colourful plants and flowers will attract the wildlife we need, so include a selection of native plants that will bloom over the warmer season. Do your research to find out which varieties are recommended for your area and watch the insects help your garden to thrive.

Remove Dead Wood

One of Australia’s native trees, the gum tree, requires some extra love and care during the dry season. They stay healthy with a low water supply by allowing branches to dry out and break off, causing potential danger to the tree, buildings and people. Maintain the health of your gum trees by pruning them and removing dead wood where necessary. If the trees do present a hazard, consult a trained aborist to take care of it for you.

While hot weather and droughts can do terrible damage to your garden, there are ways to prepare for the change in weather. The damage is usually progressive and is often subtle, so can be difficult to spot. Know what you’re looking for and how to prevent it, and your garden will survive and flourish this summer.

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