Give A Living Gift This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an incredible time of the year, celebrating women in our lives, from mothers, grandmothers and female relatives, to those female figures who adopted you into their lives. Parents of friends, an older neighbour and even teachers who mentored you in life.
While chocolate and perfume are common presents, a traditional gift for your closest relatives is a beautiful cut bouquet of flowers. However, within a few days or weeks, flowers wither and die. This Mother’s Day trying gifting something a little more permanent and look at giving a living plant that will last.
However, if your mum only has a small yard, this can significantly limit the suitable plants or tree species you can give. Even if the garden is a restricted size, a tree can still provide an excellent focal feature, and with the range of species available there is sure to be a suitable tree for every yard.
Small Trees for Small Yards

Consider the landscape of the yard and determine where the best place to plant something might be. When visiting the nursery and researching species always check the root systems with an expert, as aggressive species can easily damage underground foundations or plumbing. Also, consider the nature of the tree, is it deciduous and will that affect any nearby building gutters?
One species that is growing in popularity within small gardens is the Mock Orange which can become a beautiful small tree with gorgeous white flowers. While typically groomed into a hedge, if left with minimal trimming, the species can grow into a more natural shape.
Native Species

If you are considering a living plant for Mother’s Day, consider buying a native species. Not only are they already adapted to an Australian climate, they can also act as amazing draw cards for native birds and wildlife. With gorgeous flowers, many natives are also harder to kill and will tolerate smaller living conditions than imported species. The Weeping Lillypilly is a good example of a tree with an adaptable nature as it enjoys the full sun and  confined spaces
Trees add life to a garden but it is important to recognise that different species have significantly different needs. As tree arborists in Melbourne, we frequently handle cases where a species was planted without fully considering its nature. Some species have invasive and aggressive root systems, others grow too rapidly and big for the position in which they are planted, thereby threatening neighbouring power lines or buildings.
These trees then need to be removed. This can be an expensive and challenging process, particularly with smaller properties. So before buying your mum or female relative a living plant, research your species and keep in mind that your little tree will grow to maturity.

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