Got Possums? We’re Sorry. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Possum Problems? If you’ve ever seen a possum scuttle across power lines against the backdrop of a starry night sky, you’ll have been equally in awe of how sweet (and agile) they are. That is until they pull a full moon party on your roof at 3 am, scarf down your prized roses or start leaving pellet-sized gifts on your outdoor furniture and decking.

For every person who loves these super cute, furry native nocturnal Australian animals, you could hazard a guess that the next person would happily wage war on them if they were allowed to.

You see, brushtail and ringtail possums both protected species. Waging war on a protected species is a bad idea for obvious reasons, and there’s a $7,773 fine just waiting to be slapped onto anyone unhinged enough to hurt one. By law, you must not harass or interfere with possums…however, it is NOT illegal to control them when this is carried out with a permit.

So what can be done about your furry, coat-tail riding housemates? An Arborist is experienced in legally and safely dealing with the damage (and mania)  they can cause. Two main ways we can treat a possum congregation include:

Installation of possum guards

Possums aren’t afraid of the ground as long as the cover of night is upon them. Possum guards are made of clear sheeting and a possum can’t get past the slippery frictionless surface to ascend a tree- ergo, they can’t get into a tree from the ground space.  When paired with crown pruning, possum guards make a big difference. You’ll often see possum guards around the girth of a trunk in botanical gardens. They aren’t necessarily easy on the eye, but they do the job.

Crown pruning

Crown pruning reduces connective contact- and access to other trees, often by about 2 meters. Homes that have lots of close contact fruit trees or vines are very inviting for possums. Your arborist will recommend changes that can be made to limit the amount of fun and access possums get to have on your roof and in your tree canopies.

Daryl’s Tree Care has a number of treatment methods that safely deal with these testing little native sweethearts. If you’ve had enough of your home being treated as possum HQ, call Daryl’s Tree Care. We’ll work with you to find a solution that manages the problem for everyone involved. Call (03) 9998 3628 for more information about the possum management services our team provide.

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