Hazardous Tree Assessments – Get the Professionals!

At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, one of our areas of expertise is in providing hazardous tree assessments. Our managing director Daryl, recommends regularly conducting inspections of the trees in your garden, as even the healthiest trees can quickly become hazardous.

A hazardous tree is considered unsafe when it contains structural defects on either trunk or the limbs. If the tree is located too close to a public space, which people, equipment or property regularly occupy, it can also be deemed a hazard. Other hazards can be caused by outside conditions, such as the environmental conditions. While a sick tree frequently displays obvious signs of distress, at other time these signs can be hard to spot.

At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, we regularly provide hazardous tree inspection on behalf of those who hold a duty of care for the tree – usually the owner. With the amount of litigation involving a fallen tree on the increase, a proactive approach is the only method to ensure owners are kept safe from both litigation and falling trees.

Not only does early detection of faults reduce potentially hazardous trees and their fallout, but it can also extend the life of healthy trees. By removing limbs that are dead or diseased, the overall result is longer living trees and fewer accidents.

If the tree is regarded hazardous, at Daryl’s Tree Care, we provide fully experienced and professional tree removal services. Using specialised equipment, we can easily and safely clear entire sites of trees for construction or because of storm damage.

An integral part of tree removal is the later removal of the stump. If the stump is left behind, it quickly becomes a breeding ground for creatures such as termites and fungus. One of the most common causes of termites is a leftover stump in the backyard. Not only are stumps potential breeding grounds and hazards to other buildings, but they are also an eyesore.

At Daryl’s Tree Care, we have the latest machines, capable of converting stumps into mulch. Our machines are large enough to handle any sized job while being small enough to manoeuvre around buildings and most objects in the way. In most cases these machines  can even fit through side doors and garden gates.

As with any dangerous process, our highest priority at Daryl’s Tree Care, is safety for any nearby property or passer-by’s and our employees. To ensure their safety, all our  arborists are fully trained and experienced professionals. The company is also fully insured with years of collective experience ensuring we are qualified to handle any tasks.

So, if you are looking to employ the services of a leading  arborist, contact Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery  for a free quote and advice.

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