How to Get a Tree Removal Permit

Trees are part of what makes Melbourne so special. We believe that tree care and maintenance is vital to the health of the environment and its residents. Sometimes, however, a tree poses more risks than benefits and needs to be removed. In this case, council regulations must be consulted in order to determine whether you are allowed to chop any tree down.
Find Out if You Need a Permit

It’s not as simple as borrowing the neighbour’s chainsaw and getting to work.
In many cases, council approval is required for tree removal in Melbourne and surrounding areas. This protects the environment and makes sure the city and surrounding suburbs stay green and beautiful, but it can feel like a hassle.
With a bit of research, you can get a rough idea of whether or not a permit is necessary. There are a few guidelines that most councils follow. Most depend on species, location, and size.
Each council has their own rules, so your first step is to check their website or make a call for more information.
In most cases, if the tree is an immediate threat to you or your property, only the part that poses the direct danger may be removed without a permit.
The only way to know for sure whether a permit is required is by consulting a professional arborist. A certified arborist can identify the tree species, measure the tree, refer to the council regulations and ensure you don’t break any rules.
How to Obtain a Permit

If a permit is required, you need to start by filling out an application form which can usually be downloaded from the council website. You will also be asked to provide evidence showing that removal is the best option. Arborists can assist you with completing this paperwork.
In addition, councils typically require an arborist report to accompany an application for removal. These reports can be presented as supporting documentation to prove that there is a valid reason for removal.
The report will list many details of the tree including the species, trunk diameter, canopy spread, and age. Overall health and any injuries are also noted, as well as any cultural, locational, or other items of significance. The specifics in these reports help the council make an informed decision about the tree.
A report from a certified arborist is the most straightforward way to prove removal is necessary. Other documents that may be accepted include a structural damage report from a certified professional plumber, electrician, builder, structural engineer, etc.
Consult a Professional

The best thing to do for all tree removal cases in a suburban or urban area like Melbourne is to contact a professional. A certified arborist can offer advice, help you to obtain a permit, and perform the removal safely and quickly.
We at Daryl’s Tree Care are happy to advise you on all aspects of tree management including preparation of the application for tree removal as well as preparation of arborist’s reports. Feel free to contact us on 03 9897 4418 with any questions you may have regarding tree care or removal.

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