How to Remove Tree Stumps?

Removing tree stumps involve some difficulties that can be minimized following some techniques. How much time and energy consuming the process is depends on the size, width and root system of the particular tree. While size and width in open eyes can be the only factors, how deep and wide the roots of the tree are spread beneath the ground is also another big concern. There are several methods for removing various types of tree stumps. Here we will introduce few of these methods.

Digging tree stumps

For small tree stumps with roots not spread much deep and wide, digging even with hands can be a good option. For little bigger stumps for which hands cannot be enough some equipment like shovel, axe, loppers, axe head, etc. can be necessary. Here below we explain some tips.

  • Dig deeper from the side of the stump and expose the roots. A shovel can be handy equipment for that.
  • Then cut those roots with appropriate tool and remove them.
  • Finally remove the stump with the shovel.
  • If the stump is too big, cut it into pieces and then remove.
  • After removing the stump fill in the hole in the ground.

Removing stump with grinder 

Using grinder for removing stump can be a faster option if you have to remove a bigger one. Such grinders almost chew the stump into pieces up to 6 to 12 inches below the ground. For small and medium sized stumps only a grinder with set of carbide teeth can be enough to finish the job in minutes. For large sized stumps it may take a little longer. This type of equipments is available on rental basis or you can get it done by some professional service.
Removing stumps with a backhoe
Removing tree stumps with backhoe can be a little expensive but nevertheless it is an effective one. This method is particularly applicable if you have too many stumps to remove. This method is mostly used in lands used for plantations. Backhoe or skidsteer machines are available on rent and the job can be done by experienced professionals. Before engaging a backhoe or skidsteer makes sure that you have fixed a place for burying the stump piles.
Removing tree stumps by applying chemical
Tree stump removal by applying chemicals is not that faster like other methods shown above. There are several types of chemicals available in the market applying which you can rotten the stump. Though these chemicals accelerate decomposition of the stump wood, do not expect the process to be lightning fast. This process may take actually too long to break down and remove a stump. For removing huge stumps with rock solid wood and huge root system can be removed in this procedure. This procedure is least popular as it is time taking and involves some hazards for the nature.
Burning the stump 
Burning the entire stump is one simple method popular among many people. Use scrap materials and woods to light fire over the stump and if the stump is dry and in inflammable condition, you may see the entire stump vanish in few hours. Do not forget to check the local regulations on such procedure before proceeding.

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