How to Transplant Trees and Shrubs

Transplanting shrubs or trees is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Wrong removal means that your transplanted tree may die. So, why take that chance? Ensure the success by calling tree transplanting services instead. They know what steps to take for improving the chances of survival.

Determine the location 

Based on the type of plant you are transplanting whether a tree or shrub you’ll need to decide the location for best results. Professionals determine whether the shade or the sun will be suitable, as well as, the watering and spacing requirements of the plants. It will be a mistake to place a plant, which craves water alongside other preferring dry conditions. Incompatible needs will hamper growth.

Dig a hole

Do you know which comes first, digging up the shrubs/tree or digging up the hole? Of course, you need to prepare the place first, where you want to transplant tree or shrub upon digging. Successful tree transplanting services depends upon quick placing of tree in the soil otherwise, its chances of survival decrease.

Exploratory digging

What is the depth and width of the root ball of the tree you are transplanting? In order to get the right estimate undertake exploratory digging. Ideally, new hole width should be at least 2x that of the root ball. You may keep a shallow depth and avoid puddling or consequent rotting this way.

Do not break soil

Tree transplanting Melbourne services know where to stop when digging the hole for transplant. Once they reach the bottom of the hole, it is important to go no further because breaking up the soil from here on will only invite rot. This especially happens in the case of shrubs, which may simply sink in the hole instead of gaining a footing like you desire.

Digging out the shrub/tree

Effective digging should start from 3 inches away from base along its perimeter. Identify the location of main root mass and begin estimating the overall weight of the tree or the shrub complete with the plant with its root ball as well as the soil clinging with it. With professional services did not need to worry since they will bring enough people to carry it successfully to the new location irrespective of the weight.

Keep root ball intact

While keeping the root ball intact is the best way to ensure the survival chance of the transplanted tree, but this may not happen each time. You may need to prune with the right equipments to free up your plant from the soil. This especially happens in case of mature trees.

Transplant method

Professional services use tarp for transporting and upon reaching there they will gently slide the tree inside the hole and then straighten it up. Excavated soil will go back exactly where it came from fixing the tree in the process. Firm tamping of soil followed by watering is necessary as it keeps air pockets away. Mount up surrounding soil in ring-shape to form a berm that catches water is similar to a basin. This will keep the tree well watered until the time it finds itself at home at the new spot.

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