Is Your ‘Arborist’ Just A Gardener? Don’t Risk It!

Not just anyone can successfully climb a tree with pruners, secateurs and limb loppers and climb down- in one piece at least. Even if your gardener seems confident they can manipulate the overhanging branches from your neighbour’s yard into submission, you can really only trust a professional.

The modern gardener certainly isn’t immune from the modern propensity to want immediate results, and the fact that so many gardeners are resourceful creatures to begin with is in no way helpful- but before you climb any tree, or hire anyone to climb a tree on your instruction, it’s absolutely essential to understand why being in a tree with sharp tools – unless you’re qualified- is not a great idea.

Here’s why you shouldn’t ever risk tree pruning unless you are a fully qualified arborist.

Most of the time, tree pruning can seem simple, even if the physical demands of the task seem daunting. If the last time you climbed a tree was in primary school, there are great reasons to leave the skilled work up to the experts.

Arborists undergo stringent OHS training and often a traineeship in horticulture that allows them to safely undertake a broad variety of high risk activities safely. Put simply, an arborist knows exactly what they are doing to stay safe, where it matters, because they’ve undertaken up to 12 months intensive training to do so. If you can’t compete, and your ring-in gardener’s insurance doesn’t cover high risk work, then you really shouldn’t need any further convincing.

Besides checking for accreditation, you’ll note that an arborist’s toolkit looks different to that of an everyday maintenance gardener.

A professional arborist would not be seen on the job without their essential quality toolkit. An arborist can execute a number of tasks with the industry specific tools they use to get the job done. These top of the line tools include:

  • Harness and PPE – industry grade personal protection equipment and an arborist’s harness
  • Chainsaw, loppers and handsaws – A variety may be used in order to provide easy and safe access to all surface areas.
  • Chippers and disposal units – Somewhere to dispose of the mess pruning trees can leave behind

Nine times out of ten, the everyday gardener doesn’t have what it takes to climb a tree safely. Do you need advice from a professional tree arborist? Melbourne clients are invited to call us to chat about the extensive services offered by Daryl’s Tree Care. Reach out to us on (03) 9897 4418 today to speak with a member of our team.

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