Professional Services for Tree Removal in Camberwell

Before going into the reasons why tree removal should always be carried out by professional arborists, it is relevant to understand why it is required at all. For residents of Camberwell, tree removal often becomes a dire necessity. Old, dead and decaying trees that have become structurally weak have to be cut down lest they topple over in high winds and damage property or endanger lives below. In large estates and gardens, trees that have grown too close together form dense overhead canopies that block sunlight from filtering to the ground. Lack of adequate sunlight also reduces the food producing capacity of the trees thereby weakening them. Selectively removing trees that are crowded together can free up the landscape and make way for fresh small plants or colourful flowerbeds.

Now returning to our main contention that people in Camberwell should not make the mistake of believing that tree removal is a simple DIY task. The main reason relates to the safety of residents. Amateurs without adequate tools and expertise will have no control over which way a tree will fall. If it falls towards the house or even on neighbouring property, the consequences can be dire for any property, human beings and pets below. Professional arborists on the other hand have trained crew who use specialised tools and equipment and years of experience and training to ensure that a tree, irrespective of its size and location, is removed safely, quickly and efficiently.

Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery has been operating for over 20 years and is one of the leading companies providing tree care services in Victoria. It is based in Box Hill South and is often called upon to undertake tree removal and other tree care related activities in the Camberwell area. These include tree pruning and trimming, tree transplanting, hazardous tree assessment and preparation of arborist reports which are required by councils when any development project is to be undertaken. Daryl, our Managing Director is highly qualified in this field and is a member of the prestigious International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Few people are better placed to offer expert advice and guidance on tree related issues.

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