Prune and Prepare your Trees for 2018

Prune and Prepare your Trees for 2018

We’re in the midst of summer in Melbourne and 2018 has settled in. Why not use the New Year to ensure you’re looking after your garden in the way you should be? Proper tree care can take a lot of work and for the big jobs, always consult a professional tree arborist.
Pruning your trees regularly will keep them healthy, productive and looking great. More importantly, it helps them to grow and keeps them safe. Here are the reasons you should begin the year with adequate pruning and tree care.
Keep your Garden Looking Good

By cutting off dead limbs or removing faster growing sections of trees, you help to beautify your garden and help it to grow. Grooming enhances the shape of a tree and while it’s good for aesthetic reasons, it also keeps it healthy.
Help the Tree to Grow

Tree pruning can actually make trees sturdier so they last longer. Consult a professional tree arborist who can prune trees in such a way that it makes the roots stronger. The weather may be pleasant now, but you should prepare for harsher seasons. If the roots of your tree are strong, it will be able to withstand testing weather like storms.
Not only that, but pruning helps the smaller branches to continue to grow.
Remove Hazardous Branches

Pruning has a huge safety aspect to it, and removing hazardous branches is something that anyone with a garden should never overlook. Dead branches need to be cut off, or they can fall during high winds, or even grow into electrical wires. Hire a professional to keep your trees, home and garden safe.
Poor root growth, cracks and decay are all causes for concern and could lead to safety issues.
Treat Disease

Trees are susceptible to catching diseases, but pruning can help combat this issue. Pruning can not only treat disease, but can prevent it by stopping that disease from spreading any further.
Improve a Vista

Vista pruning is designed to enhance a natural view, by cutting away branches that may be unsightly and may block the view. You can call out a trained arborist to ensure this job is done properly, so you don’t miss out on naturally occurring sights like valleys and lakes and can keep your home at its highest possible value.
Tree care starts with regular pruning, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. Contact Daryl’s Tree Care for tree pruning in Melbourne. Simply send us a message online or call (03) 9897 4418 for a complimentary quote.