Remove the Last of Your Tree with Stump Grinding

Regardless of the reasons for removing a tree, it can be a challenging and time-consuming task. While a professional arborist makes the process much smoother, many will only cut the tree down to a certain level. This then leaves behind a tree stump which can be a significant hazard or eyesore.
At Daryl’s Tree Care, part of our professional arborist and tree services includes stump grinding. Not only does this remove any trace of the tree from your yard, it also comes with a host of benefits.
Tree stumps can quickly become a hazard and cause many issues, including:
Rotting Wood

Your tree stump is eventually going to completely rot away, as per the laws of nature. However, until then it decays in pieces and is a magnet for pests including, beetles ants and other wood boring insects. It can even attract the most alarming of pests, termites, which can be potentially devastating if they set up a new home on your property. As the tree rots away in pieces, it will also start sending out new growth in order to regenerate, causing even more work in the future.
An Unattractive Appearance

A large tree stump can be a significant blemish on a yard, particularly if it is in full view of windows. Removing the stump will help you property reach its full aesthetic potential, particularly if you are considering every selling the house. While a tree can add curbside appeal to a property, a dead, half rotted stump simply makes the yard look unkempt and reduce its aesthetic appeal.
Reduce Space

Regardless how big your tree stump is or how tall, it is using up valuable space in your garden and can make any gardening task a challenge. Something as simple as mowing the lawn becomes a trial when needing to manoeuvre around an unwieldy stump. Removing the stump would then open up previously unusable space to plant other shrubs or even build a playground or shed. Whatever the size of your yard, it does not make sense to keep a stump that is taking up unnecessary space.
Potential Hazards

Finally one of the biggest problems with leaving a tree stump behind is when the stump becomes a hazard. The rotting wood previously mentioned, can spread diseases to other plants and cause all sorts of problems with the soil. The size themselves can form a hazard if cut too low to the ground they are trip hazards. Too high and the tree itself can still cause damage when it eventually falls over as it rots away. The stump can also cause significant damage to mowers and other gardening equipment, which get caught on the remaining wood.
Removing the Stump is the Only Answer

Our specialised stump grinding equipment can solve all these problems by simply grinding away the wood to below ground level. Not only does this leave a great free space to plant new trees, it removes any trace of the tree in the area.
So if you have a tree that needs removing or an old stump in your yard, contact us at Daryl’s Tree Care. We can take care of the entire process for you.

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