The Benefits of Mulching

As per strict definition of the term Mulch refers to the applied material on the soil surface and the process of applying such cover is called mulching. Mulching is a common procedure widely used by gardeners and arborists for assuring better soil quality and nutrition for their trees. Mulches actually help in conservation of moisture and thus in improving the soil fertility to boost growth of the tree plantations. Mulching also helps to reduce the growth of weeds around a tree. In many cases it actually enhances the visual appeal of the whole garden. Let us have a closer look at the various benefits of mulching.

Saving plenty of water

Sometimes watering your trees in the garden seems quite a luxury when you are experiencing severe shortage of water due to draught or some other reason. Mulching makes it easier for you in such circumstances. Mulches are primarily applied on the soil around the plantations just because they can retain the moisture for longer period of time and thus do not let the soil go dry soon. Almost all agriculturists agree that mulches can save up to 50% of regular water spent on your trees. Obviously it also depends on what kind of mulch you are actually using for it. This moisture retention benefit translates into another advantage. The extra moisture trapped inside the mulch helps to foster growth of earth worms and we know how beneficial they are for the growth of the plants.

Making the soil fertile and supplying nutrition

The best way to assure growth and yield from your trees is to improve the soil quality and almost every one of us is aware of it. But, to make the soil more fertile and nutritious for the tree did you consider any effective options? Just know the procedure of effective mulching for your garden and you have the solution for your concern over soil fertility. Organic mulch provides an array of most essential nutrients to your trees. To be precise, organic mulch decomposes over time and in turn offers its natural nutrients to the soil and it serves as the nutrition for the plant. This decomposition of organic mulch at the base also makes it ideal for the earth worms to thrive and that benefits the plants.

Mulch can be visually pleasing garden feature

So called practical benefits apart, mulch can really make your gardening effort visually pleasing and rewarding enough for the onlookers. Plan mulching around the trees with a little extra care and you will see how raw organic mulches around the trees in your garden offers a decent relief for the eyes. Yes, brown textured patches on your overtly green garden add variety and relief, at least visually. Moreover, mulches help to protect your trees from the mowing job. Woodchip mulch is recommended by most arborists as they incur huge organic benefits to the soil and trees. Before providing the mulch around the trees makes sure that the area is entirely free of weeds.

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