The Benefits of Quality Mulch.

The Benefits of Quality Mulch.

Mulch can provide a range of benefits for your garden. A natural way of creating healthy plants: it is nature’s way of protecting both plants and soil. Mulch is naturally created in large quantities all the time, from fallen leaves, twigs, flowers, fallen fruit and other organic material.

As gardeners, we often remove all the natural sources for traditional mulching in our landscaping. While not mandatory, it is well worth the effort as mulching provides such a range of benefits. A good mulching job will provide a garden with the following benefits:

  • Prevents the loss of water through evaporation
  • Smothers weeds and prevents unwanted seed germination
  • Maintains the soil temperature, cooling in summer and keeping warm in winter.
  • Prevents soil splashing which can introduce soil diseases onto the plants.
  • Improves the soil through decaying organic matter and adds nutrients into the topsoil.
  • Prevents the top soil becoming compacted or crusting, which improves the absorption rate.
  • Mulches also create a uniform colour and interesting texture to landscaping projects, improving the overall garden appearance.
  • It also prevents trees and shrubs from being damaged by lawn equipment and improves the integrity of tree trunks

Mulch occurs in two forms: organic and inorganic.

Inorganic mulch is comprised of pebbles, gravel and black plastic. As these materials, do not decompose, they create a more unified effect for landscaped gardens. While not a recyclable material, gardeners can be confident that they will be there for years.

Organic material is made from more natural materials such as bark, wood chips, fallen leaves and grass clippings. This type of mulch provides valuable nutrients as it breaks down and

encourages worms, which aerate the soil and provide fertiliser in the form of worm castings.

There are pros and cons for each type of mulch, however, if your desire is to protect your plants and improve your topsoil, a quality organic mulch is the best. At Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, we mulch the trees and organic material we remove, creating a premium quality mulch for gardens. If you are looking for organic mulch or any tree trimming, removal or pruning services, contact us today.