The Biggest Job of All – Transplanting!

One of the biggest jobs we perform is transplanting trees. From young to more mature trees, we understand that sometimes, while you might love it, the tree is simply not in the right spot. While many people attempt to move the smaller trees themselves, ultimately it is wise to consider hiring a professional service regardless of the size. Transplanting puts a lot of stress on the tree and professional knowledge goes a long way to ensuring it survives the trip.

If you are determine to do the transplant yourself, there are a few things you should do to prepare your tree for replanting.

  • Check their ability to Transplant

There is nothing worse than successfully transplanting and having the tree die in reaction to the stress. While some trees are easy to transplant, others are virtually impossible. As a general rule, young trees transplant better than older ones, while shallow rooted trees have a better chance of success than deeply rooted trees. The tree should also be in great health if you want it to have the best chance at surviving.

  • Prepare in Advance

If you know you are going to transplant a tree, there is also some early preparation work that can increase the chance of success. Digging a trench around the tree and cutting through the roots, can help the tree prepare. If the trench is about the same diameter as the height of the tree, it helps the tree consolidate its root system closer to it’s trunk. This will make the root ball smaller and easier to transplant when the time comes to move it.

  • Define the Root Ball

While digging the tree is a labour intensive process without any heavy-duty machinery it is important this step is right, if the transplant is going to work. The root ball needs to be wrapped to protect the integrity of the roots, tying with strong. All branches should also be tried up to avoid damaging and when replanting try to replant it in the same directional orientation.

  • Moving

This is the last part of the transplanting process and arguably the most labour intensive step. Before attempting, really consider your abilities to handle such an arduous task. If not done properly, you might find yourself spending the afternoon at the ER with a pulled muscle or worse.

For smaller trees, you might be able to use a wheelbarrow or a trolley, however if the tree is more than 2 meters, it is wise to consult a professional Tree Arborist before moving too far across Melbourne.

While many of our customers first attempt to move trees themselves, we always recommend consulting a professional arborist before attempting any drastic changes. With our specialised equipment, we can easily and quickly transplant even bigger, more mature trees.

If you want to move a tree and require some help, contact us for a free quote and experienced advice.

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