When to cut and when to save – the importance of mature trees

Did you know that trees with hollows are vitally important to native Australian animals? Many of our precious and unique animals need tree hollows as they provide protection from predators and enable the vulnerable animals places to both breed and shelter.

However our native animals are extremely picky, and their selection of a tree hollow is not random. While tree hollows tend to occur within a range of mature and older trees, many animals will only select ones that fit perfectly with their needs.

As many as 42% of mammals, 17% of birds and 28% of all reptile species within Australia desperately require tree hollows to maintain the survival of their species. For some like the glossy black cockatoos, the lack of suitable nesting areas has lead the entire species to the brink of extinction.

So how does this affect an arborist or even someone in the general public?

Well one of the best ways to do your part is to look at preserving the trees you already have on your property. Instead of simply removing the more mature  trees in your yard, consider keeping them there as an investment in our native ecosystem.

Get a professional arborist to inspect the tree, compile a hazard report and determine how sound the tree is. If your tree is not a hazard to property or people and is structurally sound, consider simply getting some tree trimming conducted rather than a full tree removal. Not only will the native fauna and bird species thank you, but you might also find yourself re-appreciating the benefits of a mature tree.

If the tree truly has to be removed, consider building and installing several different nest boxes which mimic the same effect of a big old tree. While not a true replacement for a big old tree, which provides both food and shelter, nest boxes are great alternatives for most modern homeowners. For those who want to go further, and who enjoy spotting the native birds or wildlife that wander in, consider planting some more native plants. After removing a big tree from the garden, there is often a large empty space left behind. Planting a few natives like a Golden Spray or bottlebrush shrub will see colourful native parrots flock to the trees and shrubs when they are flowering.

Many people love the idea of seeing the parrots regularly in their garden, and with a few careful plantings, it is easily achieved. If you have any concerns or queries about the trees in your yard, talk to one of our experienced arborists today. Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery can assist you with all of your tree requirements from arborist reports to tree pruning, tree removal and tree planting

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