Tree Care This Season: Identifying Pest Activity The Easy Way

The backyard is a beautiful place to be this time of year, but it is also an important place to be. Your favourite trees and plants can be affected even during the dormant seasons, so don’t lose vigilance now- be thorough about checking your trees for unwanted visitors and you’ll be perfectly prepared when the warmer months roll around again.

Even if you’re not exactly sure what to look for, you can still identify concerns that have the potential to cause trouble. If you do spot an infestation, the best time to act on it is now. Here’s how to run a pest check in your backyard:

Start big and work your way down.  By beginning with the tallest trees, simply run a visual scan to spot any clues that seem abnormal or out of place. Clumps and thickened foliage are mostly nothing to worry about, but they may also indicate a pest presence, and sometimes even turn out to be the nests of protected species of birds. Never attempt to remove a nest that is out of your of your reach. Have an expert assess it first!

A closer inspection involves a thorough look at leaf formation, on both the top and underside of leaves. New growth is particularly susceptible to pest damage as it’s quite the tasty treat. Be sure to start from the newest, softest growth. You’ll often find evidence of aphids moving in on new rose blooms before they get a chance to bloom. They can be treated immediately with a good quality pesticide spray or, you can make your own solution from three cloves of garlic steeped in hot water and left to cool. Add a little dish soap to the mixture and strain it into a spray bottle.

Branches and trunks often suffer from dramatic temperature changes and erratic weather patterns make them susceptible to weather damage from storms and high winds. Once a limb cracks or drops, it’s important to assess the tree before pests get to work on making use of it as a potential home. If you notice any split limbs or cracks, be sure to make a note of it and contact your local arborist for assistance immediately.

The team at Daryl’s Tree Care is committed to keeping you safe. If you’ve spotted a concerning pest in a spot you can’t reach, don’t put yourself in danger trying to resolve it. Instead, reach out to our team and arrange a full inspection of the problem with one of our highly trained arborists. We offer expert advice and peace of mind- so contact us on (03) 9998 3628 today!

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