Tree Facts And Stats That Will Take Your Breath Away

At Daryl’s Tree Care, we often find ourselves drawing breath over a particularly amazing species of tree. That’s why, when it comes to the history of incredible trees in our past, we tend to get a little fanatical and nostalgic. Here are some facts about some Australian tree species across history and their value to the people and communities who protect and appreciate them.

Australia’s tallest tree, the Centurion: Arve Valley, Tasmania

At 99.6 meters tall, the Centurion is a species of mountain ash eucalyptus and is the world’s tallest flowering tree. It grows quickly, reaching a maximum height in 200 years. An historic felling record identified a mountain ash at 114.5 meters in Thorpedale, Victoria, in 1880. Not too far from Melbourne, this height would mean the giant was the tallest tree in the world at that time.

Djap Wurrung peoples sacred tree group: Ararat, Victoria.

With the age of these trees suggested to be more than 800 years, protesters and cultural leaders have reached out to VicRoads, halting proceedings for a highway duplication. It is reported that the trees have significant cultural and talks are underway to protect the trees.

Australia’s oldest tree: Huon Pine: Mt Read, Rosebury Tasmania

Discovered in 1995, this incredible species is classified as clonic, where the male species reproduces genetic clones of itself. From the rise of a hill and down towards a lake, this species can be tracked on it’s downward, copy-paste slope. The oldest living tree at the site is estimated to be between1000-2000 years old, and it’s estimated that the first species began the clone more than 10,200 years earlier.

Australia is home to such an incredible variety of flora- and so much of that history and environment is not so well known. Perhaps you know of a special species of tree or a variety that your community cherish? Tell us about it in the comments!

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