Tree Lover? There’s a Database for the Melbourne’s Most Beloved Trees.

Did you know there are registries and laws that can be used to protect certain trees and fauna? Australia is home to many absolutely beautiful varieties and a number of breathtaking anomalies within those species that are so special, they’ve been carefully selected for protection.

We’ve all seen a spectacular tree variety at some stage. Whether you stood in awe of a botanical beauty, or just appreciated the glorious canopy of shade offered by a gentle giant under the summer sun, there is no doubt some trees are just…special. This is reinforced by the effort tree lovers will to go in order to ensure the trees they love are kept in great health for the years to come and remain protected against moves for development where they might otherwise be negatively impacted.

In areas closer to the city, particularly notable trees can be added to the City of Melbourne’s Exceptional Tree Register. The register is an index of a number of public and private species known to exist in the city. It lists trees that are of:

  • High Genetic Horticultural Value
  • Rare Or Localised Tree Species
  • Locationally Compromised Species
  • Outstanding Size or Age
  • Unusual Growth Forms
  • Particularly Pleasing Aesthetic Standards
  • A High Historical Value
  • An Outstanding Habitat Value For Threatened Or Native Species
  • Indigenous Association
  • Particular Social, Cultural, Spiritual Value.

The register lists hundreds of trees across the city that meet these values on some level. From South Yarra’s Tree of Heaven in Leopold Street to the Golden Elm at Cathedral Place in East Melbourne, so many special trees have made it to the safe zone this list represents.

If you feel you’ve got a tree that is special within your community, it is worth mentioning that you can nominate a tree for the ETR. You’ll need to use a nomination form, which can be obtained on the Vic Gov website.

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