Tree Problems in Hawthorn? Contact Us Right Now!

Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery has been in the industry for many years. We provide a wide range of tree-related services, such as tree removal, tree lopping and tree pruning, operating in leafy Hawthorn and its surroundings. Our formally-trained professional arborists and tree loppers possess the skills and knowledge of the highest industry standard in Australia.

To carry-out the tasks safely and efficiently, we plan our day on-site prior to commencing the work, and finish with cleaning-up of any debris and clutter. Other services we offer include transplanting and replanting, hazardous tree assessment and cable bracing, and much more.

As much as we love living in harmony with our trees, there are situations where the trees fall prey to various infections and damages, and can prove hazardous to other trees, people, and properties around them. Also, the nuisance of an overgrown tree, or old and dying trees, can pose a great threat to surroundings, be it mankind or buildings in the vicinity. It is wise to have your trees inspected every once-in-a-while, especially after a large storm, or whenever you detect a tree that seems weakened, so that it can be saved or removed safely before falling apart.

With our experience working in and around Hawthorn, we are familiar with the council requirements and policies regarding removal and trimming of trees. Also, we are happy to help you in seeking permission from the council regarding trees that need trimming and/or removal.

Our qualified arborists and tree loppers provide a range of tree removal and tree pruning services, with extensive knowledge and skills serving Hawthorn and the surrounding suburbs. So if your trees are creating havoc and things seem to be getting out of control, contact us at Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, and our friendly staff will be pleased to guide you.

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