Tree Pruning in Melbourne – An Important Tree Care Service

Tree pruning in Melbourne is a crucial part of overall tree care and eliminating hazardous branches and limbs are an important aspect of landscape beautification.However, tree pruning undertaken by untrained personnel can cause more harm to a tree than good. Skilled arborists in tree pruning companies know that random pruning just to bring a tree to a preferred shape can cause great stress and adversely affect its health. For example, pruning should not remove more than 30% of living foliage as trees draw energy and sustenance through its foliage. Hence it will be prudent to contact established tree care services whenever pruning is desired.

Tree pruning in Melbourne is also carried out for the following reasons –

  • To do away with trees that have grown to touch overhead utility wires or have spread out into a neighbouring property
  • Thinning out dense canopies so that there is adequate sunshine and air circulation
  • Trees with high percentage of dead branch tips in the crown have reduced food producing activity making them structurally weak. The affected portions have to be pruned.
  • Trees that have trunks or limbs bifurcating from a point have to be checked for weaknesses and be pruned to reduce weight stress. U shaped crotches are strong while V shaped crotches are weak and may split in high winds and storms.

It takes a trained eye and in-depth knowledge of arboriculture to spot these flaws. Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery is one of the top tree pruning companies in Melbourne. We have qualified and professional arborists who are experts in every aspect of tree care. Daryl, our Managing Director has more than two decades of experience working in the arboriculture industry. He is highly qualified and has a Certificate in Horticulture, a Certificate of Tree Surgery as well as an Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture. His staff are also either qualified arborists or currently undertaking study to obtain their arborist qualifications. The company has specialised knowledge and ample experience to carry out all tree care tasks quickly and efficiently. To learn more and for quality tree care services, call us now!

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