Tree Removal and Pruning Services in Surrey Hills

Tree Removal and Pruning Services in Surrey Hills

Tree removal and pruning are an integral part of professional tree care though many mistakenly consider it as a simple DIY task. Attempting tree removal or pruning simply by wielding a heavy axe or large shears has its own pitfalls, and as such it is always advisable to take expert guidance and advice from qualified and experienced arborists. Daryl’s Tree Care has experienced and skilled workers who use specialised equipment to ensure that such jobs are carried out safely, quickly and efficiently.

For residents of Surrey Hills or anywhere for that matter, safeguards have to be put in place before tree removal commences.Consideration must be given to the location where the tree will fall to ensure that there I no damage to property below. Special care must be taken at all times, particularly when the tree in question ison the border or overhangs the neighbour’s property. Old and diseased trees that have become structurally weak may have to be removed for safety reasons, or alternatively an arborist can advise whether it can be strengthened with cables and bracing. Often trees may be removed for landscape beautification and to free up space for new plants or flower beds. Hiring proficient tree care specialists always helps in these cases.

Similarly with tree pruning in Surrey Hills. This activity is not merely about bringing a tree to a desired shape. Trimming more than 30%of the tree canopy will weaken the tree as the tree draws its sustenance through its limbs and leaves. A trained arborist can determine the extent of pruning that can be safely carried out in accordance with Australian standards. Pruning of the upper limbs must be undertaken when the tree branches touch utility wires above. Some species of fruit trees have to be trimmed in a particular season to optimise yield later on. All these reasons point in the same direction – you should seek the assistance of  qualified arborists when it comes to tree pruning in Surrey Hills.

For those living in Surrey Hills requiring tree removal and tree pruning services, Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery should be your first choice. We have over 20 years of experience and are considered industry leaders in this field. Our arborists are well qualified to tackle any tasks related to tree care. We use special equipment to maintain required safety standards when carrying out our work. Apart from tree removal and pruning we also undertake hazardous tree management, tree transplantation and preparation of arborist’s reports. Our Managing Director, Daryl, is an acknowledged expert in tree care and surgery. This is borne out by the fact that he is a member of the highly esteemed International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

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