Professional Tree Removal Services in Hawthorn

It is important to understand that – tree removal anywhere in Australia, be it Melbourne or one of its suburbs such as Hawthorn,is definitely not a DIY task. Consider the inherent dangers involved in wielding a heavy axe and chopping away till a tree is brought down. Amateurs cannot control where the tree will fall and this creates a risk that property or people within the vicinity may be damaged or injured. Hence it is always prudent to call in professionals with expertise in this field.

One of the main reasons for tree removal is to remove hazardous trees. Hazardous trees are those that have become old, are past their useful life, or are diseased or decayed. Such structurally weak trees can topple over even in mild winds. Trees may also be removed forthe purpose of landscape beautification. In this case removing a few trees can open up spaces that can be converted to playgrounds or re-laid with fresh turf, plants or colourful flower beds. There are also times when large scale tree removal is required to clear large areas for new construction projects. This can only be done safely, quickly and effectively by trained and skilled arborists using specialised tools and equipment.

Residents of Hawthorn, a suburb of Melbourne about 6 km from the city’s central business district, have an added advantage if they require tree removal. They can call upon Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery, one of the leading tree care businesses in the region, to get the job done. As Hawthorn is only a few kilometres from our office in Box Hill South, Victoria, Daryl’s Tree Care regularly works in this area and has retained many loyal customers from this region.

We have been working in the tree service industry for more than two decades and have a team of dedicated and skilled arborists who are very knowledgeable in every aspect of tree care. Daryl, our Managing Director, is a reputed authority on tree care and surgery and has attained a Certificate in Horticulture, a Certificate of Tree Surgery as well as an Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture. Accordingly, you can be sure that when he advises you on anything related to tree and plant life,you are speaking with an expert.

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