Use tree removal to prevent tragedies in Lilydale

Both trees and the ocean are beautiful aspects of nature. And they both possess hidden dangers.

Many young children and even adults have been lost to strong undercurrents, even though the water looked calm. Similarly many trees look firmly rooted to the ground, yet many children and even families have sadly lost their lives due to falling trees and even branches.

Unfortunately no layperson can make a hazardous tree assessment. While it would be easy if every handyman in Lilydale could identify a dangerous tree, that is not the case. It takes a qualified tree arborist to identify structural defects and decaying limbs.

Sometimes those signs of a dangerous tree are obvious, but more often than not it takes a qualified tree arborist to diagnose them. Without the tree removal, cabling or bracing, the damage to your home, car, fencing or shed during the next high wind could be significant, or worse, tragic.

To arrange a specialised team of tree arborists, you can contact Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery. Our Lilydale team has extensive knowledge of every aspect of tree care, and will ensure expert attention to your tree removal, ensuring your family and home’s safety.

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